Some poems wot I have writ. 

 When we take on a new house and petsit, which is to  be at  least a week in length I take a lot of photos of the pets we are looking after, and some of the surrounding district, then, towards the end of the week I load these pictures onto a programme on the puter along with some music and a piece of poetry and make a DVD of what the pet  has been doing while the family have been away, which we give to them as a keepsake and of course a reminder of us.Below are some of the poems I have so far written to accompany these DVDs. The first ones were written just after we lost Sam, our friend for fourteen years and these reflect my feelings, which I have to say are still there as I write this.

Sometimes we wish

that time would last,

but in a flash

it's gone and past.


and when it's time

to close the door,

it's then we know

what memories are for.

                                                    Mick Hill



 A dog is for life,

as everyone knows,

he will give you his all,

from his head to his toes.


So treasure the moments

'cos they'll soon pass you by,

and the memories will cheer you

when you just want to cry.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Mick Hill


 When you have a garden,

your pleasures multiplied,

if ' when you sit and view it

a dog is by your side.


He'll listen to your problems

and still he'll wag his tail,

and always be beside you

in wind and rain and hail.


So enjoy his every moment

because of,   time and tide,

one day you'll view your garden

with no one by your side.

                                        Mick Hill






 When you go away,

 and the one you leave behind

 is the one you're gonna miss

but don't you usually find,

that instead of wasted worry

'cos they're home alone,

 they are being well looked after

and are never on their own.


           Mick Hill

When you've been away,

and THEY didn't go,

upon your return,

they'll let you know.


We didn't like it,

then they look at the floor,



or jump in your arms

as you walk through the door.

                                                  Mick Hill

A cat likes its freedom

to wander and roam.

A horse to be pampered

with brush and a comb.


A dog is just faithful

it gives you its heart,

with as much at the end

as there was at the start.


So give in return,

all the love that you know

and when 'That' time comes

the memories will flow.

                                     Mick Hill



 When your dog's a puppy

you hope the time will last,

but soon the years go rolling by,

and you find him, not so fast.


So love him young and old,

as he will do for you,

and when he can't move any more,

the love will see you through.

                           Mick Hill


The puppy comes,

but we never think,

becomes a dog

in just a blink,


then grows old

it's hair goes grey,

starts to struggle

then comes the day


But if in your heart,

that's where it's at,

a dog's not just for life

but much longer than that.

                          Mick Hill


Have you ever wondered,

how the world would be,

if there were no hairy beasties

to live with you and me.


No wee wee in the morning,

no poo out on the lawn,

no dirty muddy footprints,

you wouldn't know you're born.


No pills, no food, no vets bills,

only one thing more,

no waggy,smiley,happy person,

to greet you at the door.

                                                                                                                                                                            Mick Hill 

Did you miss them

while you were away,

did you think of them

every day.


Now you are back

give love that's pure

'cos there will come a time

when they are there no more.

                                              Mick Hill

A faithful dog,

is mans best friend,

It will give you its heart,

from beginning to end.


 So dont hold back,

on the love that you give,

then its memory will last,

 for as long as you live

                              Mick Hill

Nothing is for ever

life is just a dot.

Treasure every second,

'cos that is all you've got.


The same goes for your baby,

in whatever shape it comes,

give it all your loving

till the reaper sounds his drums.


And when this moment happens,

you'll wish you had some more,

and it's then that you'll remember,

what has gone before. 

                                                                              Mick Hill


Is there a spot,

a moment in space,

where, once you arrive,

you know, thats the place.


But how do you search,

to find where it's at.

Do you just keep looking,

or say,....Well, that's that.


There's no need to keep chasing

that gold on the vine,

you just have to decide,

that this is it......


                                       Mick Hill


Lives may come


and lives may go,


but good memories


last for ever.

                        Mick Hill


What better way

to spend the day,

than walking with a friend. 

A dog may be large,

or a dog may be small,

but it's the heart of a dog,

that answers your call.


It gives it so freely,

and doesn't want pay,

and holds your emotions,

till the very last day.


So give all your love,

and show him your trust,

and he'll doubly repay you,

till the world turns to dust.

                                                                                                                          Mick  Hill


Along hilltop, valley. river and plain,

with mans best friend

is to everyones gain.

But to do it for service,

with three or four

has got to be....

well really,

who needs more.   

                                                      Mick Hill

A pet is like a work of art,

with every stroke,   just so.

Its spirit is the time it takes,

to make the picture grow.


Its body is the canvas

that shows its life and pain,

its soul is like the oil you use,

which always will remain.


So use your pallette carefully

each  brushstroke laid with care,

and when it's time to say, that's it'

you'll know  'cos you were there.

                                                                             Mick Hill


There's an old mill by the stream,


that I go.


Where I'd  like to sit and dream,


but,   Hello.



There are beasties to be fed,


and there are doggies to be led,


and this is what I do,


I love it,


now you know.

                                   Mick Hill



The life of your pet,


lasts as long as your memories.

                                                                                                                                                           Mick Hill 

Long, long ago,

afore there were dogs,

there weren't much to do,

'cept  p'raps sit on logs.


You wouldn't go walking,

no fun in that,

well, you'd look pretty silly,

walking the cat.


nope, not much fun

in days of yore,

in fact, without a dog,

Pretty poor.

                                Mick Hill



If your dogs a chore,

you'll not get more.

If your dog's a friend,

he's yours till the end.

                                    Mick Hill

People like,

Dogs, lizards, chickens,  cat.

Sometimes thin,

sometimes fat.

But as long as love is the bottom line,

Whatever you keep,

will like it.......just fine.

                                  Mick Hill 

The world of the cat

is somewhere between,

what you think it should be

and what it has been. 


                                        Mick Hill

A dog isn't just for life.



It lasts much longer than that.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Mick Hill 

This section is dedicated to the memory of Sam, who sadly left us in March 2007. One of the greats. 

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