Polly & Micks 

                   Shorter Grand Tour


                            Page Three. 

      In the aire at Bad Schussenreid, not far from Bad Waldsee.

            Wednesday 13th August 

Got up and out and wandered the town. Very pretty. 

                            At the entrance to the aire. Locked 

        The above are on the way out to the high street past the                  brewery. 

                           Decided to give Polly a bodylift. 

                                        Went to the church. 

The churches in Germany are much more embellished with gold leaf and paintings than they are in France. It doesn't make them any more beautiful, just different. 

                          Close by the church this painting on 

                              ground in front of the building. 

                                                 Bit clever. 

                          Wandered back up the high street to

                               the museum of beer tankards.

                                      The Bierkrugmuseum 


A very interesting place with a large selection of beer tankards, amusing and traditional. Well worth a visit. 

           All in all a very interesting place to visit. There is a small charge to go in. 

                              Wandered through the town  

                                            Had an ice cream 

            Then wandered back to Archie to drive off again. 

 Left in the afternoon and drove to see our friends near Bad Waldsee.