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                   Shorter Grand Tour


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                Nice quiet spot. Got on well with the neighbours. 


          Friday 8th August.

Bright and hot and a very quiet spot. Couple of photos from the park but didn't walk far. 

Last picture on our way out of town. followed the journey below and ended up at Dieuze Lakes.

                                                                                    149 Kms

Before we got there we stopped in a laybye for lunch.This was the only thing worth taking a picture of. 

The lakes, where we have been before are up the track on the right. we didn't go this time but knew this was a particularly quiet spot.
                                                                                 149 Kms.


                 Saturday 9th August. 

Windy during the night but nice and bright this morning. Went into Dieuze to Supermarche Mousequetieres for supplies then followed route below to Rothau. A campsite with an aire on the outside for Campervans. 6.50 euro a night plus 2-50 if you want water.Bit tricky to find but follow road towards Rothau from Schirmeck and as you enter the ville it is on the right.

                                                                                      Kms  137

Have been here several times, it costs a few euro but not that much and is a handy stop.The campsite is through the gates at the end and doesn't affect your stay. The services are to the right of the gate but unlike some, where you can empty your greys and blues, this one you have to pay for to open the door and the emptying is inside the unit.

Stayed the night. Huge thunderstorm later on. 

                  Sunday 10th August.

           This was our trip for the day with stops on the way. 

Bright and hot but cloudy. Drove to Mont St Odile past Struthof, a former concentration camp that is now a museum and a huge memorial to the memory of all the thousands that died here. Well worth a visit but could get inside your head if sensitive. At the Mont we stopped for a while as it has a very positive effect on our outlook on everything. Call it religion if you like but it works.

           Part of the panoramic view towards Germany from

           behind the churches. 

                  As Polly struggles to walk on rough ground 

                  and the public car parks are a bit uneven,

                  and down the slope, we talked nicely to one 

                  of the police on traffic duty ( it gets very busy) 

                  and he let us park in the residents car park. 

After recharging our batteries and having some lunch we continued on our way.One thing to bear in mind when driving in this area is that the roads are very bendy and up and down steep hills and a bit narrow with hardly any edges, so care should be taken when driving. We do it regularly in Archie so it is ok for larger vehicles. Another thing, because of the twisty nature of the roads it is a draw for motorcycles especially at weekends so take extra care at that part of the week. 

Down the hill to Barr, then south to Colmar on the A35, east towards German border and stopped at Widensolen for tea break. Have stayed here in the car park a couple of times, no charge but no facilities. This place is a similar pilgrimage site   to Mont St Odile, somewhat smaller but attracts quite a few people.


         This is the car park, just left off the lane which is second 

         left to Widensolen off the D416 Colmar - Freiburg  main      


Had a tea break then back out onto the D416 into Germany then Bad Krozegheim  which takes you below right of Freiburg (not the best place to drive through) on to Titisee-Neustadt then on past Messkirch where we stopped in a layby as it was getting a bit late.                       

                                                                                        Kms 277

                                 That's the way we came from. 

                Monday 11th August. 

Huge thunderstorm last night and still heavy rain this morning.

Continued on 311 to Bad Buchau and stayed near Lake Federsee. We are just eating miles to get to see our friends near Bad Waldsee which is the home of Hymer and if you are interested there is a large motorhome museum on site which has a large collection of associated to Hymer motorhomes. Very interesting. If you go to my opening page and visit Polly and Micks Grande Vacance 2012  and go to Page 5  Steinhausen and Hymer m/home museum there are a lot of photos of it on there.

                 In a laybye on quiet road near lake Federsee


             Tuesday 12th August 

Drove from here to Bad Schussenreid where we found a free aire next to the brewery and stayed the night.