Polly and Micks 

                  Shorter Grand Tour


                            Page Four 

Arrived at our friends just outside Bad Waldsee said hello and settled in for the night.

             Thursday 14th August

          Cup of coffee then into Bad Waldsee with Margit 

                                            Church interior Sorry havn't got the name at the moment.

                                             Back outside. 

Then back home for tea and watch Anton fishing.

      Friday 15th August 

                  Our friends took us to this museum. Buttons 

                                           'and more buttons
      The photos don't really sum up the museum, it was quite   
       interesting and a nice day out.
                    Sat. 16th August.
A busy day planned. In the morning was taken up with a visit to a local festival
                               Music seems to be the main part of this festival.
                                                                   'and letting off steam.
                                        'but mainly music
               While we watched the dancing we had lunch on a large communal table 
                  'and after all that effort a drink is in order.
At the end of the dancing and when we had finished lunch we set sail for our next visit.