Polly  & Micks.  G.V. 2012 
                               Page Six

                     Tues. 19th. June
                                      Parking at Widensolen
When we arrived last night we wandered around and visited the garden while the lights were on.The locals look upon it as a mini  'Mont St. Odile' and have great faith in its healing powers.
Lovely quiet spot. Locals didn't seem to mind us staying overnight as seems to be the case where ever you stop in France. Lovely country, lovely people.
After a nice easy morning we fired up, went to Colmar but not impressed so drove down the D83 to just beyond Cernay then west on the D466 to Ballon-d'-Alsace.. Our most favourite area of France, I think.
                                                                                                                          123 Kms.
                                   Lovely views
                                                               Lovely flowers.
  Lovely free aire and although next to a hotel
            it looked as if it was an ex hotel.
    'but if you prefer four walls these weren't far away.
                    Weds. 20th June.
When visiting the Ballon if the sun is shining go and look around because at 1287 mtrs  you never know when the
clouds are going to roll in. It can be very changeable here,
but well worth the visit.

On the road again. Want to get to Italy ASAP. Directly south through Belfort, Montbeliard, Maiche. Then Southwest on D437 to Morteau. Through le Doubs to Pontarlier, continuing on D437 to Foncine-le-Haut, where we stayed on an Aire at the side of the sports complex. Free Aire but water was 3euro 50.
                                                                       202 kms
Although the pictures are of places where we stay or stop for lunch, the scenery is amazing all the way, but the only way to enjoy this is to be there and see it. No photos can do it justice. We wandered up the hill into the Ville but just an ordinary town really. Spent the night there and moved on.
                     Thurs. 21st June.

 Heading South, still on D437. just past Foncine-le-Bas then South-East on N5 towards Geneve, through Morez to les-Rousses, a ski town, where we stopped for lunch and a wander.

                          Woodent fly
Quite a pretty, nice and clean, modern town. Didn't stay long, must get on. Continued on N5 to just before Col-de-la- Faucille, ( lovely viewpoint above Mijoux, well worth a visit) turned off right, down a long steep hill to Mijoux where we have stayed before, the Aire is just out of town, then S.S.West along D991 through Valserine valley (Not to be missed) to Bellegarde-sur-Valserine. East onto D1206 to Annemasse, D1205 to Bonneville & Cluses. West still on D1205 to Salanches, which is about 28 Kms short of Chamonix and the Mont-Blanc tunnel. Here we stayed for the night in a Carrefour supermarket car park. The nice Aire we were heading for that we stayed at last time at Arrache-les-Carrroz near Cluses was being upgraded and was closed.
                                                                                                                                221 Kms
      Bit busy in the morning but fantastic view of Mont Blanc.
                          Fri. 22nd June.
Had an Internet connection outside Mc-D. For anybody who doesn't know, Mc-D do free wi-fi. Went shopping in Carrefour and then drove on into the large Aire/carpark on the right hand side of main road at Chamonix. 12 euro a night at this time. Weather very hot.
                                                                                                                    28 Kms.
                                    Each to their own.

 After parking up we wandered around Chamonix. Although a ski centre it is also a very pretty town and is well worth a visit even if you are not skiing and there is always the Aiguille de Midi ski lift that takes you up to the ice cave at 4000 mtrs to view Mont Blanc, close up. Definitely not to be missed.

                                      O.K. So it's 3842 mtrs
This is a couple of photos we took the last
time when we went up there.
Didn't go up this time.

                We did, however walk around the town.
                  Art is reaching new heights in France.

The Statue of de Saussure, located in a popular tourist area, honors Horace Bénédict de Saussure, the first to climb Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in this region. Pointing toward this mountain, it reflects all of the passion of those first climbers.

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