Polly & Micks G.V. 2012      
                             Page Nine

Having visited Italy two years ago and finding it very hot this time we just wanted to get back to France ASAP so just drove and drove. Carried on down the E55 for a few Kms to a village called Pomposa then turned West along some nice country roads to Ferrara. Then S.W. to Modena. We had to go down there because some roads were closed because of the earthquakes. We saw a little bit of damage where older properties had been shook apart but not a lot. Above and around Modena and west to Reggio Nell'emelia. N.W. to and around Parma to Piacenza  then S.W. on the S45 because we didnt want to head towards Torino and kept going till we reached Bobbio a very pretty town in the wilderness where we stopped for the night.                    
                                                                                                                                 327 Kms
Where we parked was a large area on the opposite side of the main road to the town by the side of the river.

 The parking is where the flag is and you cross the main road to go into the town.

This is the footbridge marked on the map above as Strada Provinciale 16 which leads to a pizza house.
'and this is another view
of the parking
from the footbridge.
                                See you in the morning.
                        Sat. 30th June.

 Wandered up into the town, quite pretty, worth a visit. Very busy as it was market day.

       Another view of Strada Provinciale 16 from the town.
Went back to Archie for lunch then headed onwards. Continued on down the S45 through beautiful countryside to the coast and Genova, got through it with difficulty then on along the coast on the P1 to Savona then West through Altare, Ceva, under the motorway along the S28 until we came to Santaurio di Vico Forte 30 Kms East of Cuneo where we parked outside in the carpark for the night.
                                                                                                                                             216 Kms
                     Nice and quiet for a Saturday night.
                     Sunday 1st July.
                        The trouble with Saturday nights is that they
                         have Sunday mornings and a place like this  
                         has early Mass,  7-30 early. Suddenly the
                         car park was heaving. However it doesn't
                         last long and after they finished we went
for a look around.
                         Another very impressive building.
Managed to find some water to fill the tank but no empty point so drove on to Cuneo where there was an Aire but unable to find it so continued on along the E74 for another 5Kms to Borgo San Dalmazzo then West on the S21 which starts climbing and takes you up through the mountains on a magnificent ride and is not to be missed at any cost, to the Italy/French border at  Colle della Maddalena  (1996 Mtrs) just above Argentera, having found an aire on route to empty greys and blues. Here we stopped for the night.
                                                                                                                                114 Kms

Although this photo was taken on our last visit to Italy, this is the bendy final ascent before the top.
About 400 mtrs short of the top outside a derelict building with this view, Lago della Maddalena. What better place to spend the night. Below is slightly higher elevation of same view. Other campers find other places to park.

                             Some nice flowers about.

Not sure if he was Italien or French
That's the top where passport control used to be. None of that now. Work was being done on the carpark and buildings there, obviously going to be a restaurant or something. I expect the derelict cottage where we were will be done at some stage but at the moment it's in need of synpathetic restoration.
Tomorrow we go over the border into france and although the way up is pretty special, the way down the other side is even more so. Really, must not be missed.