Polly & Micks G.V. 2012
                           Page Eleven.

                       Sunday 8th July
Rain during the night which helped cool it down a bit. Looked around for a supermarche but in this area shops other than touristy places are closed on Sundays even on a buzy weekend like this one. Drove back to Aire and parked then walked down to Albertville for lunch and a walkabout.
Where we had lunch.
Next to the Dome Theatre.

            Lots of decoration for the race but no info.
                     Conflans and beyond, from Albertville.
           The music festival was a bit hit and miss as well.
           Saw these but the bands in front of the Dome at
           2.00 never turned up while we were there so walked
           back up to Archie and watched Andy Murray. Don't
           think he turned up either.
                     Monday 9th July.
Drove out of town the way we came in on Friday to find a supermarche we'd been told about. Did some shopping then went across the road to Mc-Ds. and used their internet connection. Can be used from the carpark if you are parked close enough, then back to the aire for one more night before heading up Col-de-Madelleine for Le Tour.
       The road up to  
        Conflans from

                        Another dog. I like dogs.
       Lots of pictures and poems on this site about them

                                         Click here for link

                     Tuesday 10th July.

 Heading South out of Albertville on D990 to La Bathie & la Mouthe Then Southwest on to  D213  that takes you up onto Col-de-la-Madeleine one of  the mountain sections of the Tour De France. Drove up to just below the peak, just past Celliers-Dessus on a nice long fairly steep bend. Ideal for lots of pics.

                                                                                               63 Kms  including

                                                       weekend driving

                 Stopped for a cuppa on the way up

                        Pulled into an Aire but wasn't impressed so 

                                continued onwards and upwards.

    Parked on the 


    but still not quite   


                                         That's it
            Then look up again. Awesome to look at but wouldn't want to bike it.

 We arrived two days before the race but this layby was already occupied.The draw of Le Tour gets to everyone in France.

Then of course there are the evenings.
If there were no bike race this has got to be worth a visit.

     A really beautiful and peaceful spot. That will all change       
               tomorrow but wouldn't miss it for the world.