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                Grand Adventure 2013

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             Wednesday 14th August 

Bright sunny but chilly start to the day.Spent a nice quiet night at the side of the canal. There is a services only aire just outside of town at a campsite. This has emptying of blues and greys and 2 Euros for fresh water.  I think we got directions for this from the Tourist Info. There is also a map available from them for Campervan sites in the area, also get it from this website.  http://www.meusetourism.com/en/719/7/0/0/sit/index/brochures-and-documents

 After seeing to Archies needs we headed Northwest on the route below and finally stopped at a small fishing lake with carpark near Dommery where we stopped last year, so no real photos except a goodnight scene. Very small road but quite busy.

                                                                                         168 Kms


                Thursday 15th August 

 Racking up miles now to get closer to Dunkirk.  Going into familiar territory onto a road we use quite often.On the map above  you will see two Villes, Catillon-sur Sambre and Le Cateau-Cambresis both of which have aires, the Catillon one is on the bridge over the canal as you enter the ville but is quite small and always full. This is where you empty blues and greys and if lucky you may get water but the tap is on the towpath and usually surrounded with campers. There is however an overflow park which is up the high street a couple hundred yards, which I think is signposted, turn right between the houses and another couple hundred yards it's at the end, in front of you. Fairly quiet but sometimes the factory does a bit of banging. This park is also on side of canal. All services and parking free. The aire at le-Cateau is on the left as you enter the ville and takes about 5 vans. Free parking but I seem to remember that you have to pay for water. Didn't need either so drove on and stopped for lunch at Cambrai, on the side of the lake going through the town. Have stopped there before.The road through the town to pick up the Arras road is fairly straightforward but if you don't fancy this, there is a roundabout as you approach Cambrai from Cambresis which takes you left onto a large ringroad, well marked on the maps. Having had lunch we then continued to Bergues which is a large free camper park on the approach to the town,from junction 16 on the E42/A25 then just past Lidls alongside the footy ground on the right. As there are no services here we stopped on our way at Cassel to empty our blues and greys.


 Bergues 15 Kms from the port of Dunkirk, a good place to head for going in or out of France. Does get busy but always room and amazingly quiet seeing how many vans use it. Also Bergues is a very pretty Ville inside a walled enclosure and is well worth a visit. Walking distance, part way back up the track you came in on, turn right between the small lakes and there is a gateway through the wall into the ville.

                   Friday 16th August 

If you need an aire to empty before you go to the ferry there is one on a campsite somewhere local or if you go to Gravelines which isn't too far from the port there is one next to the Gendarmerie. 

Outside link Here:- http://www.airecampingcar.com/aire_camping_car_gps.php/3707-Aire%20Service

'and if you need a supermarche there is one at Bourbourg. After visiting the aire and doing a bit of shopping and driving around a bit we decided to go to the port and parked up in the parking area next to the ferry. You could stay at Bergues to catch the morning ferry but it means getting up a bit early so we prefer to be dockside.

                                                                                118 Kms

The park is by the ticket office and in the morning  you just drive around to the loading area the other side of the fence.

                Saturday 17th August  

Onto the ferry and back to blighty and after visiting our friends at Hertford  for a couple of days, arrived back at Dorset on Monday 19th. As always a very enjoyable trip. Coming up next 2014 but because of life changes not so long.

                                                                                        414 Kms

Total journey distance 9807 Kms = 6093 miles

Approx diesel used     975 ltrs  = 214 Galls

Approx miles per gall.  28.5  Not bad considering some of the mountains we went up.

If you would like any other info about our trip, nothing too techy though , please contact me on my Mickarchie facebook page.