Polly and Micks

                  Grand Adventure 2013

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                Saturday 10th August 

Stayed the night at Auxerre then followed the route below and stayed at Brienne-les-Chateau.

On route we stopped off at  Lusigny-Sur-Barse at the bottom of Lac-D'Orient. Had a cuppa and took some pics'

  then continued on our journey to Brienne, where we stayed the night.

                                                                                 150 Kms

 This was in the station yard but no trains, not much really but this building looked interesting and there were services.

                 Sunday 11th August

 Took the route below starting on the D396 and stopped at the Charles de Gaulle Memorial but didn't want to pay to go in so took a picture and moved on.

Continued Eastish to Grand. On the map it was marked as a Roman Amphitheatre and in the hope it was better than the last one, we went there and were surprised and impressed with what must have been a very important Roman  town. If you like Roman stuff, you would like this. Below, a brief tourist poster somewhere in town about the place.

Below is a Google map snip  of the town and the car park opposite the amphitheatre where we parked.

Crossed over the road and went into the Amphitheatre. 

There is quite a bit of the original Amphitheatre still standing but the clever bit here is that they have now rebuilt most of the arena and seating with timber, giving a much better idea of how it looked but not detracting from the original. I am impressed.

                                       The view as you enter 

At the opposite end of the arena to the entrance you can see the original stonework with the new timber overlay. 

               Hope you can read this ok. let me know if not. 

On the way out there is a small museum where you can become a Gladiator. Well, almost. 

If you go out of the Amphitheatre and turn left along the road you go into town. Not far to walk and on your way in you pass excavations of different parts of the Roman buildings. 

After the church turn left, follow the signs and you will find the building containing the  mosaic

                                                 As it was. 

                                       Inside the new building. 

 A very interesting town and as they excavate it will get bigger and better but well worth a visit. Although it was a large car park where we stopped we didn't fancy staying there the night so, although the time was getting on we decided to continue a bit further and stopped at Certilleux where we stayed in 2011. 

A very nice spot.

                                                                                                170 kms