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               Grand Adventure 2013


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After a nice visit we left Fontenay and travelled North-West to Rougemont then South-West on the D957 to Avallon, then a zig-zag route on some roads we were on last year (The routes are not really planned, if we see something on the map or a sign to somewhere we just go. Hence the zig-zag routes sometimes) and ended up at Rocher-de-Saussons where we have stayed before and stopped here for the night.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    181 Kms 

This rock is quite famous for some reason and people come from all over the world just to climb it. It's not that big or anything. Each to their own I suppose.

There's a laybye on the side of the canal just before Merry-sur-Yonne where we stay. The road is quite busy but a nice spot. Timber  still floats down the canal for whatever purpose.

                                                 As do swans 

                                             And lots of dogs

             Wednesday 7th August 

Huge thunderstorm last night and through the night. Grey morning and a lot cooler. Continued North to Cravant where we stopped for a break.

 This is where you can park overnight if you want to, close to the church. The tall building is the Donjon.  The aire for services is on Z.I. Sud.

Above is the building to the left of the Donjon and on the left is the interior.  

We then followed the rather bendy route below to Rogny-les-Sept-Ecluses. A place that is well worth a visit. For more pictures go to our last years visit.

                                                                                         132 Kms

Stayed where we stayed last year in the aire by the canal. There is another park if this one is full, up by the side of the lockes 

                Thursday 8th August.

 Drove north to a place we'd seen on the map, the Roman Amphitheatre-de-Chenevieres where we stopped for a picture but site not in the best of health and only stopped for a couple of minutes.

 Then drove  East  for approx 10 Kms to Maurice-sur Aveyron where we stopped again to look at a pretty church and bridge. Parking suitable for Archie behind the church.

 Continued on our way N.E. on D56 and D16 to Joigny then decided, after having driven past Auxerre with its church spires that it was worth a visit so turned South and after a bit of driving around we found an aire on the side of the river called Port-du-Plaisance, opposite the churches and must say that this place must not be missed. It's awesome.

                                                                                                 113 Kms.

Upon our return from this trip I made a calendar for family members, this being the front of it. This is the night view from where we stayed  on the aire.The whole calendar can be seen here:-      http://eurochurches.yolasite.com

                   Friday  9th August.

 This is a map of the town and the arrow shows where we parked which is just to the right of the footbridge over to Tourist info and town centre. Not far.

Went into tourist info and got a map of the Ville. Also while you are there it's worth asking for a  Carte touristique, this shows you what is in the area you are in and you can find places you didn't know existed. 

                                             We then wandered up to the Abbey of Saint-Germain and a couple other churches and through centre-ville  and back to Archie. A really beautiful town not to be missed.

The old lady of Auxerre. Statue in centreville. Difficult finding info but will get there.

Wandered on through the centre and looked at other churches. 

Went down the hill onto the road bridge over the river and back along the road to the aire and Archie.