Polly & Micks
               Grand Adventure 2013

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                  Sunday 4th August.
Another bright hot day. Still at Auxonne. The two other vans that were here last night, gone. Had another wander, quite a pretty place.
                                          Back along the river

 Then into the Chateau/Musee yard. Nothing was open in the buildings, think they were tidying the place up a bit.

Inside one of the outside buildings

            All in all a very nice town. Well worth a visit.

                 Monday 5th August. 

Bright, sunny and very hot again. Headed West out of town over the river then on for approx 6 Kms then South onto the D976 through Trouhans. West again on the D8 through Brazey-en-Plaine to Nuits-St-George where we stopped for lunch at an aire that was free including water. No pictures. After lunch we drove out of the ville but got onto the wrong road but which turned out to be going in the same direction that we wanted and it was still the D8 so no loss. The road was nice and hilly and wooded, very pretty. A few Kms along this road we came to le-pont-d'ouche where there was a canal and we stopped for photo shoot.

After a cuppa we continued on our way Northwest on the D18 which ran alongside the A6 motorway until we came to Semur-en-Auxios where we stopped for the night. We stayed here two years ago and it is a very nice town and a nice area to stay and travel around a bit. 

                                                                                            119 Kms

                         Journey from Auxonne to Semur. 

                Tuesday 6th August 

Rumbles of thunder all night then a heavy storm mid morning. North-east through Venarey-les-laumes till we hit the D905.  North-West almost to Montbard then right  on the D32 for 4 or 5 Kms to Abbey-de-Fontenay a place really worth a visit.

                          Copy from leaflet available on site. 

This is where the monks did their ironwork. On the left is the hammer and above what makes it go. There was an extension on the post that ran on the octagonal spindle and this was run by a waterwheel outside. 

                                                                            In the garden 

       The lockup. 

          The Bakery. 

A very interesting and photogenic place to visit. Give yourself plenty of time if you go there. Lots to see