Polly & Micks
                     Grand Adventure
                   Page Twenty Seven.

                 Thursday August 1st
Watched a local cat mousing then continued along the road, number 11 for couple Kms then turned West  onto the Bulle road and up to the Juanpass, at 1511 mtrs, and with views, a road not to be missed.

       Keep looking around.

Down over the other side through valley to Bulle, approx 35 kms.Then West till we drove up the Col-du-Mollendruz where there are a couple of huge carparks. In one of which we stayed for the night.
                                                                              125 Kms
There were gorgeous views on the way up which you can see from here if you walk a little way but not up to that now.
There was some kind of public holiday in this area  on this day and this family came and had their own private firework display but not until 11-30 in the evening, so had a rude awakening but quite enjoyable.

                    Friday August 2nd

  Route we took 






Nice day. Drove down off the Col to a very pretty place called Le-Pont-Abbaye near lakes. Didn't stop but worth another visit one day. No photos.  North to Pontalier, did some shopping at Hyper U, then North to St.-Gorgon-Main S.W to  Levier  to avoid having to drive on motorway further up and also to get on the road we wanted (D9) to go to Rocher-De-Valmy where we stopped on a farmers track for the night after visiting the rock.
                                                                             118 Kms
Monument and inscription.
                                     View from said rock.
                                       Farmers track. B on the map below

                Saturday 3rd August.

Quite busy road. Showers during the night. Brighter and hot but still cloudy. Drove around to N.W. of Bessancon  at Serre-les-Sapins (B) where we knew there was an aire where we emptied our blues and greys, then on to Pouilly-les-Vignes (C) to get some diesel then on again west to Pesmes.(D) then S.W. to Auxonne (E) where we Stayed.
                                                                                                                                   82 Kms.

 This was the aire where we stayed but another one was being worked on while we were there only a few hundred yards away.To find the one we stayed at just follow Dijon signs till you reach the river bridge and it is on your left next to the Chateau-Musee. To use the services you had to pay with a bank card which would make it quite expensive for Brits.

       Got there early so parked up and wandered a bit.

 and eyeballed a nice restaurant where we went for an enjoyable evening meal.

After a very nice meal wandered back and walked alongside the river which is very close to the aire.
                                 And so ends another day.