Polly & Micks
                 Grand Adventure 2013

                       Page Twenty Five.

                     Sunday 28th July
Spot of rain during the night, hot again this morning. Had a quiet morning then after lunch went to the fete.

 That's the totem pole


 Don't try this at home.

Ready for the choppers.
                               Introducing the Choppers.

First, attach one log.

Then attach some steps to reach it.
Then chop it down.
Don't fancy climbing. Try chopping your leg off.
Entertaining but quite hard work.
Enjoyable and different and as is the case in many places didn't cost to go in.Went back to Archie for cuppa. As the evening went on the weather broke and we had a huge thunderstorm which lasted all night.
                      Monday 29th July
               The stream looking a bit more angry.
Went across to the Sanistation and emptied our blues and twos then hit the road. East out of France back into Switzerland. Have another try at visiting Jungfraujoch. The highest Railway station in Europe, they do say. Through Monthey, under motorway then north to Aigle then North-East over Col-de-Mosses on road 11 towards Spez and stopped at Boltigen in the station yard. Very busy line but very quiet trains.
120 Kms     Our milage slightly different to Google.                                                                           
View up from station towards main road.
Had a wander up into the ville.Not far. Bit touristy but mainly for walkers.
End of another day.
                     Tuesday 30th July.

 Continued  East to Speiz then along the edge of Lake Thun towards Interlaken which is between the two lakes on the map. Stopped alongside Lake Thun for lunch break. Lots of lay-byes on this road.

 After a nice lunch break continued on to outskirts of Interlaken and turned right towards Grindelwald. Excellent roads all the way, not what I expected. thought it would be narrow twisty mountain roads. Not at all.

As you hit the town centre the main carpark is on your right and the station is on the other side of the road on your left.
Drove around the area looking for a campersite. Plenty of them but all chock a blocky. So went back down the way we came up for 3.5 Kms till we came to a pull in off the road where we stayed for the night.
                                                                                                             79 Kms
A photo snip of google earth. we stayed in the lay-bye-ish

 Walk a hundred yards past the front of where Archie is parked and you stand on the bridge with this view.

Turn around and you get this view
The railway line is quite busy but again not noisy.
'but don't stand too close

 Much nicer spot than in Grindelwald. Didn't get anybody knocking on the door saying you can't stay here. But that only seems to happen in England.

                                                   The weather seems to be detioriating,  getting cloudy. One thing we don't want tomorrow is cloud and rain when we are up on Jungfraujoch.