Polly & Micks
                 Grand Adventure 2013
                        Page Twenty Four

If you drive to the centre of town then turn right below the church and head for the ski station you should find this parking area. No sanistation here, that is back out on the main road approaching the ville by the totem pole. That was being used for the festival so had to park here.
                              Went for a wander into town.
Over the bridge, round to the left.
Past the woodshed
Up the high street.
                                     Market/Entertainments area.
Across the main road up  to the church.

     In the Church

View from church across main road and down high street.
The news is the same where ever you go
Looks nice and calm now. Changes a bit over the weekend.
Afternoon cuppa time.


'but while you are sitting around, keep looking around.

You get these everywhere as well.
Poster for the Fete that was on in the proper Camper park. Will go see it tomorrow.
A reminder that it does snow a lot here.
                      A very nice spot and a very enjoyable day.