Polly and Micks
                Grand Adventure 2013 

                     Page Twenty Three     

                 Wednesday 24th July.
Heavy thunderstorm last night but hot and bright again this morning. Drove north on D991 to Chanay then off right on an even narrower road down hill to a carpark at Surjoux that was for an area called The Cascades. Very pretty but lacking in water. Needs to visit after a lot of rain, also need to be fairly active to see any of the others unless there is a better way in.Very rugged country.
Nice large parking area.
As you walk along the path to the cascades you walk under the railway line which has this small viaduct above you.
As I said, it's a bit short of water at this time of year but get it right and I should think it would be quite impressive.
There was once an older viaduct here which probably was much more impressive.
After a nice walk we continued on along the narrow road and up the hill back onto the D991  to Bellegarde-sur-Valserine then south-east through Frangy, then North-East to just outside Copponex where we stopped on a carpark outside a cemetry for the night.

Nice quiet night.
                     Thursday 25th July
Hot, bright and sunny. Drove over the motorway then S.E. to Cruseilles then East to la-Roche-sur-Foron which looked pretty interesting so went and found the aire but it was down a very steep hill with a sharp bend in and it looked as if it might be difficult getting out with Archie so continued along the road past it for about a quarter mile and found a large carpark next to a school that was on holiday so drove in there and parked up for afternoon visit and stay the night.
That's where the aire is.
No way.

'and that's where we stayed, including a gap for our satellite.
Wandered back down the road and down the slope past the aire, over the stream at the bottom and up other side which brings you out in centreville next to the church.
                 Sign on the bridge over the stream.
Inside the church
                  Had photos of ville but not now.La-la
                     Friday 26th July
Bright, hot and sunny. Drove back down the way we came in and parked a bit nearer to centreville. Yesterday we found a Laverie  (Launderette) so took our washing there and did that. 5euro small load 10Euro large. Had lunch while we were doing that then hit the road. Headed East through Bonneville to Cluses where we stopped at an aire to empty blues and greys. Didn't take on fresh water as the payment was with a bank card which would make it a bit expensive. Headed West to Marignier on D79 then North through Megevette and Bellevaux to Armoy where we stopped in a layby which we found a bit noisy so drove up a side road and stopped for the night.

 This was the laybye which was on a busy road taken from the side road that we drove up onto to stay for the night.

            'and these were the nice beasts we met while up there.
                    Saturday 27th July
Drove up to main lakeside road D1005 then turned left, can't remember why  but drove to Loisin for Super U  and aire. Must have been desperate for food or water or gas I should think. Then did about turn and drove back the way we came, South down D902 then off left into the mountains on D22  through Chevenoz to Abondance which is, in the winter a ski resort and a very pretty town as well. Stopped here for the weekend.