Polly & Micks
                 Grand Adventure 2013

                            Twenty One

                    Thursday 18th July
Saw Polly last night, back to normal but staying in another 24 hours. Seem to have lost pics of where I was parked. Visited Polly this morning then wandered around Gap.
Inside Gap Cathedral.
After wandering around the Cathedral and after fingering two guys who were eyeing up the donations box I went back to Archie. Seem to be missing some pics of  Gap. Maybe they nicked them while I wasn't looking. Perhaps they will turn up somewhere obscure one day. Visited Polly for  the afternoon then thought I had better not stay in the bus stop for another night so drove out on to the Sisteron road and after a couple of miles found a large layby where I stayed for the night.

 Very heavy rain during the evening

                      Friday 19th July.
Nice and bright again. Very busy road so can't recommend this as an overnight stop. Went back to gap and picked up Polly and more pills and signed all relevant papers. Didn't want to travel so found an out of town aire on the Lac-de-Poncon road, N64,  which was free and had water as well. Here we stayed for the night.
                                                                                21 Kms
Aires like this are all over the place in France.There are some Departments that don't supply so many but if you get a book of aires ( I prefer this French one *  to the English versions, the langauge isn't a problem once you get the gist of what they are saying.) you will be able to find them. Sometimes they are hidden away but ask around somebody knows or if you have Satnav  that's on there as well.
You can get the same as the book on a DVD. It says it is English and French but that is just the introduction.

  *   http://www.campingcar-infos.com/index1.htm

Don't understand French, click on above then follow below.
If you need shopping here, there is a Geant Supermarche over the road by the roundabout or if you walk back towards Gap  for a few hundred yards there is a Norma Supermarche on the same side of the road as the aire .
                     Saturday 20th July
Hot bright day and after doing some shopping and dumping waste and watering Archie we hit the road towards Grenoble up a very steep, bendy road that takes you up to the Col-Bayard and as you go along the top, there is a small entrance to a large picnic area amongst the trees on the right. Have stayed there overnight before but just stopping for  lunch now. Nice spot with walks. After lunch we drove just past the Village of Laye then turned right onto the D14 and went up and up through a nice area to Orcieres  but the road was getting a bit tight and no through road anyway so did about turn and went down the hill again back almost to St-Jean-St-Nicolas and pulled off road and stopped close to the river that flows through here and stopped the night.
                                                         Approx 40Kms   didn't check.

 Lovely spot, lots of walking if you want it or a short drive and you are up in the mountains.

Keep looking around.
                        Sunday 21st July
Nice overnight stop then drove back down to the Grenoble road, N85, Headed North and kept on this till la-Mure then off left on the D529 towards Aveillans which is just a loop road back onto the Grenoble road a bit further up. It just looked prettier on the map. There are mountains and views all around this area. Well worth a visit.
The days journey.
Drove a bit further till we came to St.-George-de-Commiers where we stopped and watched the final day of Le-Tour on the telly. We also stopped the night here.