Polly & Micks
                        Grand Adventure

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                     Tuesday 16th July.
Back down the hill to Chorges and up the other side on the D9 to ST-Apollinaire to the high point of the Embrun-Chorges Tour-de-France stage 17 time trial.


The joy of arriving a bit early. (Day before)  The main bunch of followers haven't arrived yet.

 'and you get to wander around the area quietly and see the scenery

The lake is the one we were parked alongside last night.It's pretty big.
                                       So are the mountains
We kept seeing these guys on their whateveryoucallits. Although they were bike shaped you rode them like a scooter. I think they were doing the whole Tour on them.
This is where we stayed overnight. Whatever you do don't sleepwalk
                'but imagine waking up to a view like this.
                                        Begining to fill up
                                  Getting late. Night-night.
                Wednesday 17th July
The day arrives. A chance to see each rider separately instead of one big whoosh. Sadly however the day did not start well as Polly had a serious blackout due to her cancer op. and I had to get a Gendarme to call an ambulance and within minutes Archie was full of emergency folk who decided she had to go to Gap hospital but because of the race being on this road, which meant it was closed for any traffic, she was flown out by helicopter. I however had to stay until after the race before I could go to Gap to see her so I continued taking photos with a lot of support from the motorhome community that had built up overnight.
The place has now taken on a race day feel even though the best riders don't come till later on at the end. Prior to doing this time trial in the morning a lot of the riders ride the course just to get the feel of it.
On these pictures of the riders there is a support car following with the riders name on.
Not sure if these were here for the race or not.
these definitely were.
He was.
He'll just go with the flow.
                           Getting into the afternoon now.
The couple in this van were very nice to me. I took a photo of them waving their flag at their team member and gave them a copy and they were over the moon. Gave me a bottle of wine and exchanged addresses. Keep saying it, the French are great people.
Watch out for camera bikes they don't take prisoners.
Then midway through the afternoon the sky just opened and it chucked it down.
'and it rained
'and rained
'and rained
'and then it stopped in time for the big boys to do their bit. On the telly watching the start of Chris Froome
'and when the helicopters start arriving in numbers you know the big boys are here.
              'and after the lord mayors show......
Hung around for a while till the rush had died down a bit then headed back down the hill to Chorges.Wrong, whatever you do don't head to the town that is the finish point for Le-Tour. The traffic down the hill was gridlock because the organizers were taking down the fences and things and wouldn't let anybody past till they finished then when I got to Chorges everything was chaos. One thing the French don't do well is signposts for special occasions, you get sent off the route then you have to find your own way. Eventually though I found my way out of town onto the Gap road, N94 and with some help from a person in Gap found the hospital and right outside of it there was a coach drop-off point for visitors to the town which I used to park in and stay the night.
                                                                                         45 Kms

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