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                       Grand Adventure 
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                      Sunday 14th July

     Nice hot day I'm glad I'm watching, not taking part.
Waiting for the off. Amazing atmosphere being there.
When you hear or see 
the helicopters you know the bikes aren't far away.

'but before the bikes you get the Caravan which is a sort of carnival of big companies advertizing their wares. A sign of the times is that last year we were bombarded with freebies from every vehicle. This year there were hardly any. however it is still quite a spectacle and it stretches out the race a bit. Otherwise you get loads of bikes going by... whoosh,  and that's it.
The people wave to try and attract the attention of the exhibitors so they throw the goodies at them. Afraid it didn't work much this year.
If you want good pictures of the race choose your spot carefully.
Not all the leaders are at the front.
Any more?
No! OK let's go on to the next stage.
Waited for the exodus to die down then left at three in the afternoon, Headed Eastish up a mountain, on D70 and D173 for a few Kms,  past Gumiane just over brow of hill found huge layby and stopped for night. Gorgeous area.

 If you put the little yellow man on the map where our balloon is you can see the exact layby we stayed in.

If you want a nice quiet spot, this has got to be it.
                      Monday 15th July.
Bright sunny day. Gets a bit twisty going down but gorgeous views, Made a stop to get some pics but as always the only way to really appreciate this scenery is to see see it first hand. My pictures don't really do it justice
Not everybody appreciates the place.
Wallys also live in France

Drove on North on D61 to Luc-en-Dios then South-East on D93 & D993 to Aspres-sur-Buech then to Gap on D994 then South on D900B to junction with D4. Left then left again onto D942 to St-Etienne-le-Laus where we thought we could stay at an aire but only a watering station, no parking. Continued on D942 to N94 turn right to Chorges and in centre ville turned right up the D3 which takes you up alongside Lac-de-Serre-Poncon  where we found a layby and pulled in for the night.
                                                                                         160 Kms
Although the lake was just below us behind the hedge I didn't get any decent pictures here of it but when we go up the hill for the time trial, lots of nice pics.
Some nice pics of the terrain, however. Note below how the light colour changes as the evening sun comes in. (Purely for the photographers amongst you.)
                           'and don't forget to look down.