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               Grand Adventure 2013
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                 Wednesday 10th July
Heavy rain last night. Need two more tyres so going to look for fitter today. Back the way we came last night to Pont-d'Arc, N.E. on D1 to Villeneuve-de-Berg , East on N102 to Montelimar where Nougat comes from and after driving around several garages we finally found a tyre place able to do our tyres called Point S.
Which they did, however they found out why we had lost brake fluid on our journey, in fact it's a wonder we had any brakes at all. Brake fluid everywhere and the feed pipe to the front brakes completely blown. So had to get this replaced as well which they couldn't do till the next day as they had to get some made up pipes for Archie from a supplier. So had to stay the night in their carpark.
                      Thursday 11th July.
Heavy rain again last night but cleared up this morning and very hot again. We wandered around but mainly an industrial area, found a few shops down the road and had a nice cup of coffee. By time the pipes had come and the job was completed it was 6-00 in the evening and not wanting to stay another night here we paid the rather scary bill and left and not wanting  to travel far to stop for the night we decided to go South back to St.-Pauls-Trois-Chateau, where we stayed another night.

                       Friday 12th July

Some music on last night till late then some lads doing their wind up bit in cars around the carpark till 1-30 so not very good night.Went to Supermarche at other end of old town then hit the road. Went N.E. to Grignan which looked interesting so stopped in large carpark outside the Ville and walked up the main approach.
                      View from carpark. Not as far as it looks.
                               You walk past this on the way up.
                                     More narrow streets
Nice views. The carpark is just above the roof, middle of this pic.
Visited the church.   

After the church we continued onwards and upwards, to the chateau quite a climb if you go to the top but by time we arrived, 4-00 it was too late to visit as we needed to drive on and find somewhere to park for the night.
   views of Chateau
                So walked back to Archie passing the water feature again as we went.
Drove East on the D941 to Valreas where we hoped to find an aire but no luck so headed north on D167 into the hills where we can usually find a quiet spot, which we did at Aleyrac. Turned right at the road sign for the prieure  (Priory) where we spent the night on a piece of waste (ish) ground.
                      Saturday 13th July
Nice and bright but breezy on the hill. Drove a short way along this road and turned right into a track which led down to the old Priory and a couple hundred yards along the track was a parking place, from here you walk down the track to the Priory which is derelict but being looked after and no charge or anything to go in.
Click on link above for more info.
 In French.

Outside and inside the basement with constant running water. Assume that this was the washroom etc.

 Quite a pretty ruin set in acres of hills. Lots of walks if you are up to it. The whole area looks pretty interesting on the French map with lots more ruins around and about.

Some of the places we visited in last couple of days. This is a copy of google so not openable.

 From the Priory we went back out on to the lane and down to the main road we came in on,Turned right through Aleyrac and north to la-Begude-de-Mazerac then East on D540 to Dieulifit, couldn't find the aire (they hide them well sometimes) so headed North on D538 towards a  small Ville called Bourdeaux  (no, not that one) and realized by the amount of Campingcars parked in a layby that the Tour-de-France was coming this way,and although we were heading to the time trial on Mont Ventoux we decided to watch this one as well.  So pulled in with the rest and stayed the night to await the carnival.


This is the day before, so you need to book your spot early.

Then relax.

                                                   'and enjoy the ambience.