Polly & Micks
                Grand Adventure 2013.

                          Page Sixteen

                   Thursday 4th July.
Bright sunny day. Ran out of gas last night but carry small gas ring and canisters for such emergencies, don't need heating. Drove on down the valley till we reached main road at St.-Jean-le-Centenier and turned West onto the N102 to Aubenas. found some at the Citroen garage. With Gaslow bottles you just carry the screw on adapter for the country you are in, fit it and fill up like you would a car.The Adapters are supplied when you buy the Gaslow kit. We have two which cover everywhere we go. France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Think Spain might be okay as well.
                       Travelled S.W. to pretty place called Largentiere, past main entrance of village which was over narror bridge. Down the hill a bit further and on the right is car park with motorhome services, i.e. fresh water and empty at 3 euros and a supermarket but not really suitable for staying overnight. We parked here for a couple hours and wandered the Ville which is well worth a visit.
     Car park with services on right of picture
Walk out of car park and back up the r0ad you came down and you come to the narrow bridge on the left, go over this and it  takes you into centreville past these stone steps which if you explore the upper streets you can come back down from the church.
Lots of stone and narrow streets
Some unusual shops with prices and quality pretty good.
                                         More narrow streets
There's always a church
And when you come out you are near the steps which take you back to the bridge.

 Nice visit but too noisy parking so drove East to Vinizac where the aire was full of cars so up the D104 for few Kms then turned right onto D579 to Vogue which is a very pretty riverside Ville. The easiest entry as far as we were concerned was to keep on the main road past the first entrance, which was over a narrow bridge. To a roundabout, turn left to Ville, keep straight, bit narrow, go past the narrow bridge on your left which you passed on main road, up a slope and into large car park. Here we stayed for the night. Bit noisy at the recycle. If you don't like this I seem to remember a campsite at the roundabout.


Slope up to car park.
    Car park
View of narrow bridge from car park

Right next to the car park is this restaurant where we went for the evening. Excellent meal, bit pricey but very nice evening.

 Not only eat in the garden  but cooked in the shed. Al fresco to a new level.

                      Friday 5th July
Hot night, bright and sunny now. Went for a wander down the ville. Started with the church.
            Modern and traditional
Then to the Chateau

 In the Chateau was an exhibition of these engravings by Jean Chieze (1898-1975) 

       Very good.

 The back garden of the chateau. Although the Chateau is very large from the outside you don't get to see all of it but what you do see is very interesting

After the visit it was lunch time so went back to Archie had a late lunch and hit the road. On our way out we found the aire services at the roundabout (2 Euros) but couldn't see where you were supposed to park. Perhaps you had to use the campsite. Turned S.W. on D579 through Ruoms on D208 to St.-Alban- Auriolles where there is an Aire on the right behind a large building on the junction. Here we stayed for the night.