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Although on the side of the main road, D958, we were  not disturbed and it is quite a large aire  quite busy when we were there but you can't see this from pic.
                      Walked across the road to get these two pics
                  Saturday 29th June
Headed East through la Bastide then sharp left and North-East to Castellane where we have been before so didnt stop. If you are this way, up in the hills is an unusual religious group with buildings which are worth a visit. Not looked upon with any great love by the locals however, so don't ask for directions

On up over the hills on the Route Napoleon, D4085  which was very nice with views.Through Barreme onto N85 to just below Digne-les-Baines then East to Malijal where we found a nice new Aire that was free.
                                                                               113 Kms
Nice colour.
Must be bedtime.

                     Sunday 30th June
Very windy when we arrived, still quite windy this morning. Decided to stay the day.
This is the front of the large building seen from the Aire.
Napoleon woz ere.
  Alongside the Aire
Town centre. Nice walks around but not a lot going for it.
                       Monday 1st July
Bright, sunny and hot. Headed N.W. to Chateau-Arnoux-St-Auban where we have been before. The aire is on the left as you are leaving the ville on the Sisteron road. A further 200 yards up the same road is the Tourist Info. Went in there and got some info on Le Tour du France. Want to watch the time trial which is on 17th July so now is the time to start planning a sort of direction to arrive somewhere near at the right time. Continued towards Sisteron,  turned west onto D946 beautiful valley road. Up a col, turn left towards Montbrun-les-Bains and stop  a few Kms short in layby just above Barret-de-lioure, with views.

                    Tuesday 2nd July

Lovely day, again. Lovely quiet spot. One or two vehicles but not at all a problem. The picture below is the same spot as the one above. Which shows what a difference light direction makes, one in the evening, one in the morning.

 Travelled on Westward over road we had come down previous to Montbrun-les-Bains, filled up with water at a Flot-Bleu service  (2 Euros) then through nice uppy-downy road to Vraison-la-Romaine. Absolutely heaving with people so turned North on D538 to Nyon then N.W. to Montbrison-sur-Lez and Puy-ST-Martin where we hoped to stop at an aire there, but was packed with motorhomes so drove up out of the ville towards Crest and found a nice large layby-picnic site overlooking Puy.

                                                                                    143 Kms.

                  Wednesday 3rd July
Continued to Crest on the D538 and as we drove in we saw a huge tower above the Ville which looked interesting so followed the signs for it which takes you around the back of the ville and finally up a steep and quite narrow lane to the car park. Take care going up there because it is the way down as well and on a busy day could be a bit dodgy but don't be put off, it is well worth the visit. And we got up there in Archie.
             Didn't get a distance view but this picture from their gallery sort of shows it
Standing at the bottom, looking up.
Standing near the top, looking down.
Lot of old photos in
an exhibition there.

Lovely views from here. Almost at the top but ran out of steam. The tower is 52 metres high with lots of stairs. Definitely worth the visit but be prepared for climbing.
Photos from here. That's the top on the left.
On our way down. Lots of ways to discourage visitors
Back down to Archie for lunch then on our way again. Drove west to Privas where there is a large aire but packed with travellers so moved South on to D7 up a  long bendy narrow hill, not the way we intended but makes no difference because any road in France is interesting. On way down,passed a Troglydite settlement at Balms-de-Montbrun but looked a bit inaccesable to Archie continued for couple mile and pulled into a laybye and  stopped for the night. Amazingly busy road seing how narrow it is.
                                                                                       88 Kms.

                           Keep looking around.