Polly and Micks
               Grand Adventure 2013

                        Page Fourteen

                      Sunday 23rd June
Nice and bright day but somebody chainsawing. Have decided to stay for the day. The aire is below the top of the ville so bit of a slope up to the top, but worth it.
While in the centre  a lot of fire engines arrived and although there was no smoke they all donned breathing apparatus. either a gas leak or a drill but looked more like a call out as everybody was standing around.
'nuff excitement for one day went back to van.
                                        Sunset over the Ville
                   Monday 24th June
                   Tuesday 25th June.

Drove South East through some lovely countryside, stopped on route somewhere for lunch then on to Les-Arcs,     
20 Kms South of Draguignan where we stopped.  The next two days are a bit lost & best forgot as we had a bit of a bang in les-Arcs  and spent the time repairing it.
                                                                              138 Kms
                Wednesday 26th June
Paid a guy who did the rewiring in the back light for me then went on our way. Southwest through Vidauban and le-Luc then on D15 towards Aubagne,  just past the OK Corral to Cuges-les-Pins. Approx 50 Kms East of Marseille.Turn right in ville and follow signs for the aire which is in the hills, is a terraced parking area and a very nice spot and for 3 Euros a night including water , a snip.
                                                                                        78 Kms
Even had a security and grass cutting team on site.
Settled in then went for a walk up the track. Should think you could walk for miles here if you wanted to and were able. Don't forget to look around though.
Thought this might make a good project for somebody. Don't think  
  there are
  any sitting

                   Thursday 27th June

 Filled up with water and headed through Gemenos on D2  a most amazing mountain road, not to be missed.Through Nazereth, Mazaugues Brignoles and on to Cotignac where we stopped in a very dusty carpark.

                                                                             110 Kms


                    Friday 28th June.

Having a bit of trouble starting Archie, found out the battery terminal wasn't tight so sorted that and travelled on North through Aups on D22 and stop at Viewpoint above the town.
Continued North along D957 to Lac-de-Sainte-Croix
then took a sharp right, up the steep, narrow, twisty D19 to Aiguines and the start of an amazing piece of France called Le- Grand- Canyon- du- Verdon.
                                        Not to be missed at any cost.
'and views from.
These photos don't really do the Canyon justice. As I keep saying, the only way to really enjoy a place is to be there, standing in front of it.
                                       Continued on D71 to Comps-sur-Artuby where we found a nice Aire to stay at for the night. Free parking but services were 3 Euros.
                                                                                95 Kms