Polly and Micks
               Grand Adventure  2013.

                          Page Thirteen

                    Thursday 20th June.
Heavy rain in the night and strong winds but still on the top of the mountain so OK. Brighter again this morning. Some local horses seem to be more interested in us than the farmer.
This one probably with child.
Drove down the mountain, well worth a visit, a must see. at Luc-en-Diois turned left, S.W. towards Sisteron on D93, up over Col-de-Cabre  quick stop at a place called Claps a sort of bathing place with rocks, took a couple of photos then on to la-Baume where we stopped to fill up with water. 2 Euros. Then on to Laragne-Monteglin on the D1075 and at the crossroads in town turn right onto back road to Sisteron D948,where there is a large parking area, where we have stopped before and are stopping now.
                                                                               98 Kms

Parking at Laragne-Monteglin. No charge.

                     Friday 21st June.

Didn't stop to view. Carried on along D948 for approx 5 Kms then right into the Gorges-de-la-Meouge. Got a bit tight and twisty for a while then just nice bendy mountain roads and when a layby appeared we stopped for a short break.
Onward, West  through lovely valley till we came to Montbrun-les-Bains, stopped at supermarket for a bit of shopping and wandered around. Quite pretty.

 After a wander we went round to behind the supermarket where there was an aire. We stopped and had a cuppa and saw a couple of butterflies but weren't happy there so drove on a bit further.

Continued through valley for a few Kms till we found large parking area just below Aurel. Where we stopped for the night. Beware of the little bitey flies in the evening.
                 Saturday 22nd June
Bright and hot again. One last wander then back on board for next journey

  There was supposed to be a cycle race coming through today but never appeared so continued South to Sault where we saw some signs of preparation for it  then S.E. on D950 in gorgeous countryside, through Banon onto D5 to St-Michel-l'observatoire  where we stopped for a break and wander. http://www.beyond.fr/villages/st-michel-observatoire.html

Lots of these stone troughs around France think they are old wash-houses but expect somebody knows different.
In France you could call this an ordinary church compared to some of the amazing places we visit but still very nice.

 Although a lovely place the aire was a bit iffy so drove on S.E. on D13 to Volx then, left into Villeneuve, up the hill to the well marked aire, where we stopped for the weekend.

                                                                                       81 Kms.