Polly & Micks
                      Grand Adventure

                          Page Twelve

                  Sunday 16th June

Hot and bright again. Drove East to St.-Laurent-du-Pont on D520 and stopped for lunch at a nice friendly restaurant.
After a very enjoyable meal we drove up a long steep and bendy road to St.-Pierre-de-Chartreuse which in the winter is a ski resort. Had I have realized the serious problem that was happening to my brake pipe I might not have done that.
                                                                                                                               39 Kms
                Monday 17th June.
Hot again. Noisy neighbours never mind back on the road again. Back down the hill we came up, to Voiron. Found a garage who topped up the brake fluid but didn't have jacks strong enough to lift us, so they sent us to Iveco.s at Claix. We got as far as Sassenage and stopped again for the night.
                                                                                      62 Kms                                                              

Had a prob with cars parking in the camping  park. The council couldn't do anything and suggested we went to the police. Which we did. The police said it wasn't a camping park it was a car park even though we insisted there was a large sign on the entrance to say otherwise. The police were very nice about it and one of them phoned the council offices and found out we were right, apologized to us and went off to sort it. Another incident where if you are pleasant with the French they will stand on their heads to be pleasant and helpful back. They are really, really nice.
                     Tuesday 18th June
After sorting that prob. we continued to Claix and Iveco  who couldn't handle Fiats and they sent us to Echirolles, South of Grenoble to a Fiat dealer and I stood in front of the reception desk while several people came and went with bits of paper but didn't ask me what I wanted and after ten minutes I left.  I suppose there are some French who are oinky they just all work at Echirolles Fiat. Enough so drove South to Vif then on to D8 to le-Gua and Miribel-Lanchatre where we stopped in a lovely spot next to a radio arial and footpaths with gorgeous views.
                                                                                   75 Kms
                Click on the map to expand it.
    Footpath sign.
                   Not all churches and mountains in France. if
                   you look down there are some lovely flowers.

Not really a flower by name but lovely, anyway.
                                'but the mountains are pretty stunning as
                                well. More so when you are stood in front
                                of them.

                  Wednesday 19th June

 Carried on up the hill for a couple K, past another parking place on side of road by a memorial then down again till we came to the main road at Monestier-de-Clermont. A couple of Ks South then off S.W. on D34 towards Mens, a very pretty road to travel  and stopped for a break and picture shoot at Pont-de-Brion. We passed this rock on our way along D34.

                                             On the bridge.
                                 From the bridge
Quite impressive. Continued along D34 to Mens, did a sharper right turn than we had hoped for and went West to Clelles just prior to road we came off of at Monestier, where we stopped for another wander.
                                     There's always a church to look at.
Outside quite pretty but not stunning.
Except for the roses.
Continued out to the main road. ( D1075) then straight across on to D7 and up and up to the Col-de-Menee, 1467 Mtrs high where we went through a tunnel that the council were working on and had both sides dug up and lorries and machinery in there as well.a bit tight and very close to ending in a trench but we made it. Came out other side and found nice laybye to park in for the night. More of an entrance to a farm really but the owner didn't seem to mind.
                                                                                     63 Kms
                                                The view
The way we go.
                  As always, look down.