Polly & Micks Grand Adventure      



                          Page Eleven

                   Thursday June 13th.

 Remember all that traffic we met yesterday on our way down. Well, they are all going back this morning. Started at about five oclock and the way the road slopes up the hill alongside the carpark they are up above us when they go past. Such a beautiful spot has to have some drawbacks.



 Excluding the early morning traffic a lovely place to stay. I am sure there would be a quieter place to stay over the lake by the Ville and this isn't on the main road through the valley.

After enjoying the ambience for a while we drove on over the bridge and round to the right to le-Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. A huge, busy town that we drove through , following the signs for France and Morteau. Turned S.W. on D437  past  Pontalier then past Champagnole for 10 Kms and off left and west on D27 to Clairvaux-les-Lacs, past the lakes and up the hill on D118 and on the right is a layby going in behind some rocks. This is where we stopped for the night. Very quiet.


Fixed to the rocks in the laybye.

Google translation:- Remember our friend a Coke.

Am assuming that means a lorry driver nicknamed Coke.

    R.I.P. Coke.

 How about this for spending money.The lay-bye we are in was the main road. What did that cost. Maybe to create parking for the Belvedere. Not sure what it is. Below is a view of the lake.

A connection to this site may reveal.


                       Friday 14th June.
Heavy rain last night but brighter now. All the roads we have travelled since Maiche have been nice with views and this continues today.
                         Travelled South on D118 to Lavan-les-St.-Claude. Then South-West to Dortan, right, onto D936 signposted Thoirette and stopped at Barrage-de-Coiselet. One of five dams through this valley.  Stopped for break and photos.
After stropping here for a few minutes we continued on through the Gorges de L'Ain. Quite narrow roads but lovely scenery. Through Amberieu-en-Bugey & Lagnieu then on down D19 and D79 and stopped roadside  just short of Lhuis.

                                                                                                                          164 Kms
                Saturday 15th June.
Nice weather, continued along D19 then south west on D73 to Vireu  where we stopped with a view of staying the weekend because there was a car rally that looked interesting. Took some pictures then found out there wasn't anywhere to park up, so went on our way again. Ho-hum.

 Drove on  S.W and S.E.for approx 25 Kms to Apprieu. Stopped in large car park which I realized in the morning was a pub car park. So to say thank you I knocked out an A4 photo of some poppies that were growing there, for him. Which he seemed to appreciate. Don't seem to have taken a photo of the car park though.

                                                                                        93 Kms