Polly & Micks

                  Grand Adventure 2013


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                     Monday June 10th

 Stopped raining. Realized we had a dodgy tyre so going to find a supplier. Started at Montbellard about thirty Kms West of where we were. No joy there so went north to Belfort and was told of a place at Andelnans which was back down south for a few Kms. Drove into the Ville which appeared quite small but as you go down the hill past the fire station you come to the main road and a huge trading estate where we found the tyre depot. The problem in France with buying new tyres is that two opposite tyres have to be exactly the same so you have to buy two, which makes me more annoyed that the garage that did my MOT didn't spot the worn tyre in the first place. Went into the office and they needed to get the tyres from their supplier which meant we had to come back next day, so drove back up into the ville to where we had spotted a parking area on the side of some woods and parked up. Few houses around but not that close.

                                                                                                                              75 Kms

      Plenty of time so went for a tramp in the woods.

               The tramp didn't think much of it.

                      Tuesday 11 June

 Lovely bright sunny day. Drove down to garage to have tyres fitted. 436-00 euros,  OUCH.

 After that we  went on our way west through Hericourt then S.W. down D638 to L'isle-sur-le Doubs which is where we stopped but no aire so went onto a campsite which cost 14-20 euros.

                                                                                                                         36 Kms


     Met a friendly face

     who offered to take

     our picture, not

     the best one ever  

     but thank you


 Some of the wildlife.

 Had a wander around the ville. Nice river but the ville wasn't anything special but across the Grande Rue in the big car park was a Laverie (Laundrette) and we needed some washing done so marked it up for the next day.

              Wednesday 12th June.

 Drove out of campsite and just across the main road is a large car park that has a few shops, one of which is a Laverie. So parked up and sorted all the washing and took it in and did it. The Laveries are fairly straightforward with fairly idiot proof instructions on the wall. Most of them have central pay boxes, you just select the number of the machine, put in your money and off they go. If you have any probs there is usually somebody about who will help. French people are very affable and we have found on several occasions that they will go out of their way to assist you.


While sitting in Archie enjoying a cuppa and waiting for our smalls, this postie arrived. Don't think they would do very well in this country with a sail like that.

 Washing done and dried we continued South to Maiche on several little back roads, much prettier than main roads. Then towards Le Chaux-de-Fonds which is just over the Swiss border. To get there we travelled a very pretty, bendy, upsey-downsey road, fairly late afternoon and it was a rat run for people working in Le Chaux. We met continuos traffic coming towards us who all thought they were on a motorway and this road wasn't.  Scary. We made it to the border and stopped for the night at a place called Blaufond. The bridge over the river being the Swiss-France border with border patrol but no checks.

                                                                                                                           61 Kms

 This is a Google picture of the entrance on the left where we stayed for the night and the road goes on round to the right over the bridge into Switzerland. It's a deep valley through here and if you are into walking I should think it would be a super place to stay.

 The entrance on the left takes you into a large parking area alongside a lake.After parking up and having a cuppa we wandered over the bridge into Switzerland and just around the corner was the border post and two policemen were just on their way home so asked if it was ok to stay the night in the carpark and they said no prob. Which seems to be the case anywhere in France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. The Napoleonic Rule of parking applies in these countries. Which is:- If it doesn't say you can't, you can. Where as the English rule is:- If it doesn't say you can, you can't.  Always thought I had French blood.

  View from our side of lake

      View from their side of lake