Polly & Micks

                 Grand Adventure 2013

                              Page Nine

                    Saturday 8th June

 Very hot again. Carried on driving south and ended up at Ferrette again on the border of Switzerland.  Not sure why we headed here again but there was a fete on over the weekend and decided to stay.


                      Walking the course.

                                    Time for quick snooze

                      Final salute before battle commences

 The fete at Ferrette is a display and competition of horsemanship (or should that read horsepersonship) between the  Ferrettiens (people who live in Ferrette) and horse riders from over the border in Switzerland.

 Although the ends of the lances were pretty bendy, the speed at which these horses were travelling made this a dodgy sport in my opinion.

                                  This was pretty tasty as well

           But I think chivalry won the day.

 Whatever. A great day was had by all. Which we shared with a local English speaking couple sat next to us. Thank you for your company.
                   Went back to the aire for the night. Had a huge thunderstorm followed by rain all night.