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                      Grand Adventure


                               Page Eight.

                  Wednesday 5th June

 Lovely bright sunny day, for once. As our friends were working did a bit of putering then we walked around the town. Pretty but not panoramic.

 Back to Archie and then a barbie with our friends in the evening.

                                      A very enjoyable time had by all. Thank you very much.

                     Thursday 6th June.

 Did  some putering until our friends came home at lunchtime, got our new tap and said our goodbyes and arranged to see them next time when they were on holiday. Then drove due west past Steinhausen church which is reputed to be the most beautiful village church in the world, and I can go along with that. Awesome. Didn't stop but a couple of pics we took last year.

Really is worth a visit.

 Continued West Through Bad Saulgau ( a lot of Bads around here) Messkirch, Tuttlingen and on to Geisingen where we stopped for the night in an aire. Side of main road which was quite busy but not disturbing, cost 7 euro a night plus 1 euro for water and 1 euro for electric. Today is our 43rd wedding anniversary but not a lot going here so will wait till we find a town with nice restaurant.

                                                                                                                                  129 Kms

                        Friday 7th June

 Drove back into France at Breisach then towards Colmar for couple Kms and went S.W. on D2  through Enishheim and Cernay to Thann. In the aire book they send you to a place on the side of the river but this only accommodates small vans not ones like Archie but they have now set aside places in the central car park for motorhomes but you have to share with cars so it can get a bit hairy sometimes. Another thing you will see on the map, the railway line crosses the road by the car park and clatters a bit but the parking is free so try and live with it.

Decided to stay as it looked a nice town.

                                                                         174 Kms

 The walk into town is just across the railway line, not any distance.

 This is a Google street view.Car park on left.  

 Highstreet on right.

                                                Churches are like a magnet to me.

 Since coming back into France the weather has somewhat improved

After a wander went back to Archie, scrubbed up and went out for evening meal at a restaurant  we had spotted to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

                                             Glass of wine

 Bit of atmosphere

Bit of fun

 All of which helps to staying married for 43 years.