Polly & Micks

                 Grand Adventure 2013

                            Page Seven

                  Wednesday 29th May

 Raining again. Heading up the hill to the the Hall of Liberation.Try the link below for more info.

 The large interior was surrounded with these linked angels


           Looking inwards from  

                 behind them

                                       Go upstairs and you get some pretty nice views all


          Then go inside and you get a pretty good view of the angels

                                        Thought you might like to know that

 After a stop for a cuppa in the restaurant  and having seen a poster showing another impressive building nearby we fired up and drove a few Kms east of Regensburg to Donaustrauf where we stayed at Walhalla. The weather a bit grim again.

                                                                                          53 Kms


Although not an aire you can stay in the car park overnight for three Euro. Very quiet spot on the top of the hill.

                  Thursday 30th May

 After breakfast and all that follows we walked up the path from the car park to the monument and if we thought the hall of Liberation was impressive, this was even more so.


                            Entrance admission into the building itself  was 3euro each at this date but

                           you can walk around the outside for the price of the car park,  which was

                           also 3euro.


Although there didn't appear to be a penthouse,  the view from the steps was pretty good even though the weather wasn't.

 From here, as we were near the Czech Republic we drove over the border circled round  through Klatovy and came out again, just to say we had been. Didn't even get a picture. Hope to go there and Poland next year if DVLA let me keep my 7.5 tonne licence. Seem to be taking their time making a decision. Two months so far.

                         From here we drove South towards Deggendorf and stopped in a layby for the night near Viechtach.

                                                                                        290 Kms.

                       Friday 31st May

 Had problem starting. Thought maybe the starter was getting weak. Luckily parked on a slope and did a run start. Seem to be getting a few probs this year.

                                                   Headed on down through Deggendorf  to Plattling. At lights in centre of town turn left then after a quarter mile turn right just before filling station then follow road around to right, past car park and aire is in front of you. The weather so bad just want to drive and stop.

Not much good for tourism.

                                                                               51 Kms

                     Saturday 1st June

 There was a one euro Sani-station here but didn't seem to work. The weather isn't helping. Our neighbours, an Irish couple seem to be having probs starting as well but finally got going.

           Drove out on to main road, filled up at the filling station then S.W. on minor road that ran alongside the motorway towards Munich past Landau, Dingolfing and landshut. through Freising past Dachau to Sulzmoos, where Hymer have a sales depot and a large aire where you can stay free overnight, and we did. The electric plug-in however is quite expensive.

                                                                                         220 Kms

                   Sunday 2nd June

 Wanted a break so stayed Saturday and Sunday nights.While there we wandered around Hymer. Huge. We needed a new tap anyway.

 Don't seem to have photo of aire probably because it was lashing down with rain but these are some of the vans for sale. Not only Hymer here.

 Did a bit of window shopping.

 Looks nice.


          Need time think

                 about it.

 Didn't buy the tap either. Will wait till we get to Bad Waldsee we get a bit knocked off there.

                      Monday 3rd June.

 Still raining. Drove S.W. to Landsberg then jumped on the Munich-Memmingen motorway. Nothing to pay on this stretch. Stayed on aire outside Memmingen.

                                                                                                                           147 Kms

                     Tuesday 4th June

 Bright sunny day. Found out as we drove out it was 5-20Euros a night plus 50 cents for water.  Heading west to our friends near Bad Waldsee. Stopped at a pretty town called Rot.

 Wandered down to the restaurant and had a cake and cuppa.

 Very nice, very friendly.

 Then back up to the church. Pretty impressive place.


Another one of those naked pines

                                                                         It affected both sides.

         As we continued west we got a nice view of the church.

 Arrived at our German friends at lunchtime and were served pancakes and custard which were very nice.