Polly & Micks

                 Grand Adventure 2013.

                                Page Six.

                       Saturday 25th May

                  Walked up over the bank to get the views.

     Obviously a bit industrial around here but nice as well.

 From here we drove S.E. to Weissenburg then S. as far as the Eichstsatt  junction then turned S.E. through the Altmuhltal valley.


 We drove through to Eichstatt but we weren't too impressed with the parking arrangements, looked a bit busy so doubled back to a site we saw coming through. Quite a way back but well worth the journey. It is a campsite in high summer but wasn't yet going but were able to stay there free with emptying and water available from a tap up the track in centre of picture.

                                                                                                                                        70 Kms

 The area we are in is Bavaria. Don't know if it is a wet area but most of the time we spent here it rained and rained and rained and after we left we heard there was severe flooding here but we didn't get caught up in it.

                      Sunday 26th May

 Decided to stay for the day, needed a break. All I have written in my diary for today is rain, rain, rain, so assume we didn't even go for a bit of a walk which is a shame as this looks a very pretty walking place. Not that either of us can walk too far but it's nice to wander. Ah well, there's always the telly.

                      Monday 27th May

 Stopped raining. Drove on through Eichststt and followed signs N.E. for Altmuhltal valley through Beilngries then S.E.to Reidenburg where we stopped at an aire for a break and a wander around the town.

 Wandered up to the church. The Germans certainly know how to decorate.

 After a wander in a town that is well worth a visit we saddled up and mosied on through the valley to Kelheim which is S.W. of Regensburg where we stopped for the night.

                                                                                                                                        112 Kms

Kelheim aire alongside the river Donau.  The tower in the background is the Hall of Liberation which we visit on Wednesday.

 This is behind the car park ,  to the right of the campervans above.

                     Tuesday 28th May

Much nicer day, bright sunshine still a bit cloudy though. Walked into town, not too far but as we got there realized we hadn't bought a parking ticket, 6 Euros for 24 hours so walked back and found out the only machine was kaput and nobody else had a ticket anyway so stayed and had an early lunch. After lunch walked back into town.

             Any town worth visiting seems to have a roadtrain.

                                                       Walked back through the town and  went back to

                                                      Archie through this arch and stayed a second night.