Polly & Micks

                      Grand Adventure


                              Page Five

                       Sunday 19th May

 Rained most of the night. Went down to the Boulangerie to get some croissants. Banged my head on the corner of the car door and split my eyebrow open.ho-hum. After lunch went out again to visit Landeron. A pretty ville with nice square, church and museum.

              First we went left

              into the Chapelle

    Reminds me of a Bob Dylan line

        Everybody must get stoned.


 Then into the  


 A model of the ancient ville as it was.  Surrounded in water.


Didn't get on with the  


        It's that puppy again.

       Came out the Musee and met 

       some of the family.

 After a chat and saying goodbye our friends took us for another drive up a small mountain The Col du Chasseral which had some pretty nice views.


 From here went back home and enjoyed dinner with our hosts

and another nice puppy.

                     Monday 20th May

Day of departure. Said our goodbyes and continued on our way. When we came into Switzerland it was to visit our friends and then go down past Interlaken to Grindelwald and go up to Jungfraujoch, the highest railway station in Europe. However at this time of year there is a lot of low cloud and over this weekend it snowed very heavily up there and it wasn't sensible to go, so we decided to continue our Grand Adventure and come back in a couple of months. Which we do with much success. Watch this space.

                                                                                                  We then travelled N.E. along the top of Lac du Bieler through Bienne to Aarau then up to Waldshut to cross the border into Germany where we intended visiting some more friends we have made while doing this. North on the D500 towards Tittisee till we got to Hochenswand  where there was a Sportscentrum which had an aire where we stopped for the night.       Sorry no photos.

                                                                                                                                                 178 Kms

                     Tuesday 21st May

 Rain last night, still raining now. Although there is no emptying facilities at the aire, as you drive on along the D500 towards Titisee for a couple of Kms there is a ville on the right which has a signposted Vidange. Continued past Titisee-Neustadt  to Triberg, left, through Schonach where there is an aire but didn't investigate. Through a beautiful valley, all twisty and uppy-downy which turned north and came out on the main road at Gutach.

                                                  This is just a photo of a google map. Cannot be opened.

 On to Wolfach, East to Schultach then North towards Freudenstadt as far as Lossburg where we stopped for the night. Free parking but no Vidange. (emptying)

                                                                                                                                    168 Kms

 Nice quiet spot out of town signposted for Sportscentrum.

                 Wednesday 22nd May

 Bright last night but raining again. Drove North through Freudenstadt to Baiersbronn because there is an aire with a  vidange there, where we emptied and filled with water. If you want to stay the night here it is 6 Euro. Back to Freudenstadt then East to Horb then north to Nagold through another beautiful pass. Here we stopped, on the side of a railway line but quiet.

                                                                                                                                        54 Kms

                     Thursday 23rd May

 Brighter but still lots of clouds. All the scenery is quite pretty through here but not much else on offer. East through the Schonbruch Naturpark to Nurtingen then North-East to Schorndorf then into the hills to Welzheim, 35 Kms East of Stuttgart. Where we stopped for the night at an aire at a parkplatz next to the tennis hall on the right as you enter the Ville.

                                                                                                                                        165 KMs

                              Nice quiet spot.

                       Friday 24th May

 From this aire it took us a quarter of an hour to walk into town but we don't walk that fast so it's not too far really.

The town is fairly modern looking place but probably has a few old bits and after a short wander we returned to Archie.

 All over the place in Germany you will see these fir trees. Some of them have coloured ribbons tied to them and are placed outside of houses by lads as love tokens to a young lady living there. These large ones are sort of adverts for different trades people in the area.  Whether these have derived from the love token ones not really sure.This web address might help.


 We then drove North to Schwabisch Hall  then East through Dinkelsbuhl to Gunzenhausen where we stopped again for the night. Sorry if I don't give commentary on the journeys, most of the time it is pretty enjoyable but driving I don't get to take it all in and you can't photograph it successfully anyway. The best way to enjoy this is to see it yourself.

  Stopped in a walkers carpark on the side of the Alhmuhlsee close to the busy main road but not disturbing.