Polly & Micks

                Grand Adventure 2013

                             Page Four.

 After visiting the Collegial we went to the Chateau


Although the lady on the right gave her guided tour in French, she spoke very good English and was able to answer any questions that we asked.

 Although an old and impressive place it was also being well used as council offices and quite large meetings with important dignitaries



    'and outside  

      some nice  



       Getting a bit tired.

 Had a bit of a wander through the ville then went home to cheese fondue and fruit salad and of course, wine  with the family.

 A very nice day had by all.

                     Saturday 18th May

 Had a quiet morning in the house with our friends. Did a bit

 of printing from some of the photos I took yesterday.

 I travel with Camera, computer and printer but mainly only 

 use the camera. Most computer work i.e this website

 gets done when we return to England, in winter, between

 hospital visits.

                           After lunch went out again with them in their car and visited Murten. Did a bit of shopping at lidls then did the tourist bit.


 In all a very pretty town. Quite busy with shops and people. Again on the side of a lake. Worth a visit.

 Went back home and had a nice barbi with the family which was another nice end to a perfect day.