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                      Saturday 11th May

 During the morning before we left we had a bit of excitement. Not sure what about but police, ambulance and helicopter all arrived in the field next to us.

                                       Stayed about half hour, then was gone.

 On up the road towards Schirmeck for couple of miles then turn right into the hills, past Struthof and Memorial de la Deportation then follow signs for Mont-St-Odile (both of which you should visit as your heaven and hell experience.When you visit you'll know what I mean.) We visit Mont-St.-Odile every year to boost Polly's confidence and it doesn't hurt mine either. A very special place.

 View from the top.  Towards Germany.

  I think.

 Inside the church

No matter how busy it is outside  very few step inside.

 'and if you want to stay, there is a substantial hotel there. 

For more details of Mont-St-Odile go to:-


In French but translations on opening page.

 We stay at 'Odile' long enough to recharge then back down the hill to Barr then S. on the D1422 almost to Selestat then off right to Chatenois to an aire where we have stayed before to stop for the night.
                                                                                                                                60 Kms

 On the edge of the ville. although a seven van

site, there are overflow facilities for late comers.

The aire is free to stay and empty grey and black

but fresh water is 2 euros.

Chatenois is a very pretty ville. well worth a visit

                    Sunday 12th May

 Noticed temp gauge went a bit high yesterday so checked under the bonnet and found that when I removed the battery to fix bad connection I had damaged the pipe from the radiator to the overflow tank and under pressure the water was squirting out. However with my trusty Araldite (no van should be without it) I cleaned and glued the pipe connector back in place.

           Job done we continued on our way. South on D10 through Ribeauville to Colmar then down D83 towards Cernay as far as Pfaffenheim where we stopped at a wine producer

( Domaine Walter) who had an aire in his car park to encourage some extra trade and we stayed for the night.

                                                                                                                              46 Kms

 Free parking, emptying and fresh water sufficient

for 3 to 4 vans but when you stay at wine places

it is good manners to go for a tasting and buy some

produce. Which of course we did.

                     Monday 13th May

 While chatting with one of the  couples in a Hymer that were there for the night and said they were Swiss, we told them we were heading towards Jungfraujoch which they said took us past their town and would we like to visit and stay for a couple of days. Which we do a bit later in our hols.The motorhome community is very friendly and we have made several friends while doing this.

 Drove on down D23 past Cernay for 6 Kms then West onto D466 which takes you up onto the Ballon d' Alsace a high spot that when the weather is right has some impressive views. This road however is not the best way up as it is very twisty and extremely narrow, not best suited to motorhomes. You are better driving to Belfort which is 20 or so Kms South of the Ballon and then driving up the D465.

                                                                Having not got away very early today, this is where we stopped for the night.

                                                                                             129 Kms

                     Tuesday 14th May

 View from aire near top of Ballon. Walk over to your right and you can see a long way.Have been here before but worth the drive up. One of the benefits of visiting France a lot you get to know where the best places to stop are and although you don't necessarily go the same way you do pass close to where you've been before especially if you mark it on your new map.

Foggy last night but gone now. Emptying facilities here but no water. Drove down the D465 to Belfort which as I said is the better road. East towards Basle but spelt Bale on road signs. Stopped at aire on side of main road at Chavannes-sur-l'Etang for lunch and filled up with water. Costs to stay here but services seemed to be free.

                                        Nice tidy aire but alongside busy road.

 On E. to Altkirch then S.E. on D432 to Ferrette a pretty town near the Swiss border. The aire is just up the hill on the Delemont road.The fresh water costs 2 euro but the parking and emptying are free. A very nice spot but again on the side of road which can be a bit busy. Stayed the night.

                                                                                                                                 90 Kms

Looking at it from both directions

               Wednesday 15th May.

 Quite mild but wet this morning. Lovely spot really. If you go back down the hill to the edge of the ville there is a very good tourist info place where you can find out all sorts and they sell tourist maps which was useful to us as we were heading into Switzerland and didn't have one. After visiting Tourist Info we headed back up the hill and on to Delemont and Switzerland through a very pretty, bendy road. There's another aire here but is in a car park on the left off the roundabout and is a bit rustic but free including water and electricity.

 Stopped here for lunch then wandered across to the railway station as this was where the tourist info place was. While visiting the info. make sure you not only get the Plan de Ville but also get a Carte Touristique which covers the deparrtment that you are in and gives you lots of ideas where to go and a good map of how to get there and doesn't cost anything.

Just before we entered Switzerland we were told by somebody who had travelled there that you needed to have a Vignette to display in your windscreen as road tax in that country. This only applies however if you drive on the motorways which are clearly marked. A Vignette is not required to drive on all other roads, which there are plenty of. This is at this date and as with other countries laws change so just check before you drive there, which is a good thing to do anyway because different countries have different rules.

          Delemont station on the other side of town. Walking distance.

 Travelled on S.W. through Moutier to Tavannes then right towards Le-fuet for couple of miles and stopped in a walkers car park for the night.

                                                                                                                                 58 Kms

 The car park and the signboard showing walks.

Although a small road it was quite busy.

                    Thursday 16th May

 Back down to Tavannes then S.W. to St-Imier, Dombresson and Neuchatel on the side of lake of that name then N.E. to Le Landeron near where the couple who we met at the vineyard, lived. We contacted them, they met us and we had a nice few days staying with them and they showed us some of the surrounding countryside.



   Some of the nice beasts  

    we met, while there.

                         Friday 17th May

After settling in and having a cuppa and lunch with them, our friends took us out for the afternoon to Neuchatel, a large town with a large lake either side of it and a very picturesque area. Well worth a visit.

                                                           Collegial of Neuchatel



    Collegiale of Neuchatel