Polly and Micks
                Grand Adventure 2013

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                                     Wednesday 8th May

Heavy rain, jobs done so on our way. 20Kms S.E. along D14 to Vailly-sur-Aisne then E. along D925/D946 to Vouziers then S down D982 to Ste-Menehould & Givry-en-Argonne then S.E. The ground covered fairly flat and nothing too brill, to almost  Bar-Le-Duc, where we stopped in the forrest for the night.

                                                                                                                                      207 Kms

                       Parked in an entrance to a forrest. Try doing that

                       in England. 

                  After the storm,  brightness

                     Thursday 9th May
Bit brighter. Drove on down to Bar-le-Duc where we stopped in the aire.They are pretty well everywhere in France and most of them free. Supplied by the local commerce to encourage people to come to their Villes. Only get discouraged in England.        

                             Hey Tourist Board wake up to the potential of
                             thousands of money paying camper
                            over  to England.  Time to start opening
                            Aires, even if they are in existing car parks.
                                  This is all you need
        I digress! To the aire
              at Bar-le-Duc.

To get to it follow the main road as if you are going to Ligny- en-Barrois alongside the river turn right over bridge to town  centre
  where the aire is signposted. The main road is the other side of water in picture. There is also a railway line there.

'from where we wandered around the Ville'

                                         Thought that might interest you!
Love visiting churches. As I have said before not through any particular religious belief but for the impressive architecture. You can get some pretty good photos, and they are not just in large cities, they're everywhere. France has a lot to impress you.
The stain glass windows are pretty spectacular but can't do them justice on here.
    The 14 stations are depicted  in            many different ways. 
     Sometimes paintings or large
     tile plaques as at  Mont-St-
     Odile.  A place you really ought to
     visit  in the Alsace.
After the visit we had lunch then travelled  S.E. to Faviers which is 25 Kms N.E. of Neufchateau. Where we stopped.
A very quiet spot with small pretty ville just down the road.
                                                                                         134 Kms

        With all the facilities   including
         nonstop electricity, 
        Now you won't get that in Britain.
                         Friday 10th May.
Had a wander around the very small ville
Can even do your   

                                  Needed a coat of paint but has potential
'and that's about it really

 All aboard! Headed due East on D904-D9-D22 to Baccarat down to and beyond Raon-l-'Etape- D424 to St.Blaise-la-Roche then North up the D1420  to Rothau where there's an aire hidden down next to a campsite which costs 6 euros a night including electric where we have stopped before. A good stop if you want to visit this area which has a lot to do with the last war including 'Struthof' which was a concentration camp and now is a memorial to the 20,000 people who disappeared there. Strong stomach required. You are also now in the Alsace region of France, an extremely beautiful area and if you like walking, paradise. It really is good. Have been before but always impressed.

                                                                                                                                 138 Kms