Polly & Micks
                Grand Adventure 2013

                        Page Twenty Six

                 Wednesday 31st July.

Up bright and early. 6-00. The weather has changed for the better. Gorgeous day. Drove up to Grindelwald and were able to park in the carpark opposite the station. Luckily there was a bay in about the only place we could have parked Archie. Cost for parking at this date,  8 Euros for 7 hours.
Walked across the road to the station and bought our tickets. Now this is where it gets expensive. We're looking at Grindelwald  to Jungfraujoch. Euro177-00 That's 2014 price. We paid 170 Euros each. There are half day tickets at about Euro 145-00 but the max time you get is about 5 hours. We were up there for almost 6 hours because of our parking ticket and that wasn't really enough. we were seeing things all the time and didn't stop for eats. So go up as early as you can and stay as long as you can.
This is the front inside page of the Jungfrau Railways Passport.You get this when you buy your ticket.
11A  is what you want, unless you want go to Interlaken.
All aboard at 08-45  Quiet at this point but have to change trains at Kleine Scheidegg. Then it gets busy.
Just a little way in to the journey you stop at Grund. I assume you can get tickets from here as well. Probably easier to park here.
We had to wait at Kleine Scheidegg for half an hour then boarded the train to the top. There's no problem knowing which train to catch up or down. You are well informed. Then it gets crowded
Dark station name with reflection of train interior. On the way up you stop at some view points to get out and have a look then reboard the train. If you have a seat get somebody to watch it or it will be grabbed.
Viewing platform.
That's what holds you to the mountain.
Onwards and upwards. Look out one side it's getting darker and icy. Look out the other and it's sunny views.
On the way up there are little stops where people can get out and walk. Don't think you would want to take a dog to the top. Probably not allowed anyway. lovely dog though.
You have arrived.
'or outside
It does get very crowded in places and a bit pushy.
Think the views are worth it. .though
On the 'Tour' (just follow the signs) there are several areas with different themes. This is in the Alpine sensation.
Not sure about one or two.
Then on the moving floor to see large pictures on the wall.
'stat ue.
Inside the ice Palace . over 1,000 square metres All ice, even the floor.
Don't forget warm clothes and no high heels.
So, this is where he ended up.
Lots to see. If you are sure footed and well wrapped up you can walk outside. It is very crowded up there. A train goes up every half hour and nobody comes down till they have to, so be prepared to be jostled a bit. However a day not to be missed. On the way down keep looking  around to see the views in reverse.
If you would like more info, try this outside link:-

Back to Archie. Done what we came for so hit the road. Back down the way we came up. Think the altitude affected our bearings, couldn't find the road we wanted out of Spiez so went back the way we came to Boltigen station for the night.
                                                                                      78 Kms.