Polly and Micks G.D.O. 2011

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                           Sat. 14th May

In between eating and drinking coffee and tea we went to Hymer at Bad Waldsee with Anton and Margit to get some parts for Archie, scary prices but will look better for it.Nice to walk around the sales area of Hymer but didn't see anything to replace Archie.

                                    'and at these prices, not much chance.

Went home for lunch then Anton fitted some parts but hasn't much time till Thursday so we will leave Sunday morning and come back again. This evening spent celebrating sons birthday with family and friends. A very good day for all.

                         Sun. 15th May 

Very quiet morning, showering and things. Went to lunch with family, chatted for a while then after filling up with water, left, to return on Thursday for Anton to continue work on Archie, and the family have planned a day out for us near the Austrian border.

                        Drove towards Munich and went to a nice area at Donauworth and found the well signed aire at the Festplatz which is the largest car park in town with Wohnmobile parking for lots of campers.Busy road but not to noisy at night.

                                                                                                                         149 Kms.


                        Mon. 16th May

On to Weissenburg which is out on the Nurenberg road where we did some shopping at Kaufland which is a German supermarket that makes Tesco look like a mini mart. Then through a pretty valley to Eichstatt which didn't do much for us so went on to Kipfenburg and found aire on approach to village on the left. Parking but no water or emptying facillities. Walked into village which is a very pretty tourist town where we went in to Tourist information for a Carte d'Ville which is a local map of town and usually the close surrounding area. Another good tip when in the Info centre is to get a Carte Touristique which is a map of quite a large area, 20 or 30 Kms. square. These give a lot of info as to whats around and they show much smaller roads. These are free and save the need of buying O.S.maps. Went back to Archie. Quiet evening

This is the French name for them. Not sure in German.                                         

                                                                                                                                       115 Kms

                              The road into town from the parking area. 

                       Tues. 17th May


                                                    Walked into town again.

                                                                         Not sure!

                                                             Interior of church. 

Although I don't walk so much now, back and hip probs, we decided to wander up through the town to the castle up on the side of the hill seen in 'road into town' pic.Nice walk up through trees but unable to go in because it is privately owned.  A small museum attached to it ok but more for children than adults.

                                                                    The Museum.

                                 Nice glimpses of town through the trees. 

Went back to van and had some lunch then drove back to Eichstatt, needed a bank so found a Stelplatz which cost us 7 Euros for the night. This is the first Aire we have had to pay for since we have been out here.Walked into town changed some money at the bank and walked back to van.The walk was quite nice along the river but not a lot going for the town. Done quite a lot of walking today. Will pay later.

You get quite a selection of .Motorhomes, Camping cars, Wohnmobiles or whatever you would like to call them. Depends where you are, really. 

                         Wed. 18th May

Slow get up and go. Filled up with water and emptied the other stuff, one of the joys of Motorhoming but wouldn't be without it. Drove out of Eichstatt took wrong road, again but through some nice countryside on the D 466 towards Goddingen and stopped in a large layby for the night. Nice deep layby but very busy road and a bit noisy at night.

                                                                                                                                      150  Kms.

                    Thurs. 19th May


Picked our way through the hills and backroads, did some shopping on the way and eventually got back to Oberessendorf at 1700 hrs. Anton was in Archie as soon as the wheels stopped turning and by 2200 the shower room was out on his lawn.

                                                                                                                            158 Kms.

                            Fri. 20th May

No bathroom or loo so used the house for shower and loo during the night. Old age don't come alone.

Anton started working on Archie as soon as he came home from work at 1400. Grass does not grow under his feet.He gets up running and continues all day. He stopped at 1930 with the shower and walls back in. A lot of work involved.

Antons reason for finishing so early was that he is a member of the town band and it was practice night. We watched the band march around the town while they were playing. Quite impressive. We all then sat down around a very large tub of ice cream and scoffed it. Retired 2230.

                         Sat. 21st May

 Anton continued and finished shower room. Polly went visiting the family with Margit, I stayed in case Anton needed help. Inverter in the boot died, a nuisance because it's wired into the system and is useful for electric plug in shower room. but have 1800 watt one in the van  which with extension lead will do everything.

                   Sun.  22nd May

Day out with the family. two cars.  Went to Hohenschangau castle on the Austrian border. Had hoped to walk up the mountain to visit Neuschwanstein castle but upon our arrival the skies opened and it poured down so settled for the lesser of the two.However we do visit the other castle a bit later in our trip.

 Neuschwanstein Castle. Where we wanted to go, too wet at the time, but went later.

                                                            Hohenschangau. Which we visited. 

Althougfh wet, we had a nice day out, stopped at one of the families homes for cup of tea and piece of cake and then went back to Oberessendorf

              Mon. Tues. Wed. 23rd 24th 25th May

A. carried on working on Archie, between going to work. New  blinds on windscreen and side windows. New van mirror. Diesel and water filler covers.  Five more blinds to fit but have to be made because Archie being 13 years old some bits aren't available. Means going away and coming back in about five weeks.

                       Thurs.26th May

 Went for walk around the village.Quite nice. Around this part of Germany in peoples gardens are these fir trees, stripped of their branches except for the little bit on the top.They are then decorated and any gentleman who is attracted to the daughter of the house hangs a tribute to her on the tree to let other people know his interest.Anyway I think that's how it works.

                            Went back to van and got ready  for getaway in the morning

                            Fri. 27th May.

Left for Fusen which is near the castles we visited on Sunday.Intend going to see Neuschwanstein this time. Put some diesel in upon arrival. didn't fill up as quite expensive down here. Drove past the entrance and on towards Schangau to a village called Halblech where we hoped to stay at a stelplatz,  no good but we found a walkers car park in the woods near by and stayed there. Poured with rain all day. Nice spot though, not even any walkers.

                                                                                                                                          140 Kms.


                          Sat. 28th May.

 Nice quiet night Weather settling down so after doing some shopping we went to visit Neuschwanstein Castle.Arrived at midday and bought tickets.These are in the village at the bottom of the hill near Hohenschwangau castle.Long walk back if you forget them.To get to the castle you can walk which takes approx 45 minutes thats even if you are a bit dodgy like me, and is very pretty, the road is less steep than the footpaths.  or you can catch a bus which costs 2 euros at this time, or you can take the horse and cart.

 The castle is well worth a visit, maybe a bit expensive for the whistlestop 35 minute guided tour which takes in a lot of steps so not for the too fragile.

                                                         Drove on to Isney. Stayed by lake.

                                                                                                                           88 Kms.

          Apologies for photos in odd places.