Polly & Micks G.D.O. 2011 

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                    Thurs. 30th June

Wandered around  the town to get to know it. Two Supermarches, 1, Mousquetiere, is just down the road from the Aire. The second, Casino, is just behind tourist info which is down the hill past the church (very modern but well worth a visit.) turn right at the bottom up through the tunnel and is on the right.

The town is a typical ski resort with lots of hotels and shops selling all that goes with it. It has a small airport that is alongside the Aire. Being a mountain road it attracts loads of cyclists especially as it is a stage in the Tour de'   France.The real attraction to tourists is the situation with the mountains all around for views and walking.They even have clay pigeon shooting here.

This is the Aire. Normally priced at 10 euros.( 2011,) but because of building work going on close by it was free.A bit noisy in the morning but seeing where we are, can live with that.

                                                                  View from other end of Aire.

In the near distance is the end of the aerodrome, the cablecar goes underneath it and you walk around the end of it to go to the archeology site and some other nice walks. Which we did.

                                              Everywhere you look, Magic.

                             Fri. 1st July.

 Went for a walk up to the archeology site. Bit rough, need walking boots and a bit steep in places but worth the effort.

                        The clay pigeon shoot. On the way to the archeology site.

                       Lots of white flowers, Edelweis I think, but no singing nuns.

                                                 No! That's not a nun.

                         Looking back at Alpe d'Huez, the blue and white area at

                        bottom of Ville is the Aire. Always in the best part of town.

                               The archeology site. Worth it for the view.

                                       Lots of nice flowers here as well.

Getting busier. Big bike race tomorrow. Cycling's big in France, especially in the mountains.

                           Sat. 2nd July

Day of the big race. Called The Marmotte. Part of a series of races around France the riders get points for winning races and at the end of the season the highest points win.  A Grande Trophee Diploma is awarded to the winners of at least 3 races.All riders must have personal insurance and a medical certificate.Seeing how they go they need it.

                                       Straight ahead,road down, left, the Aire. 

                                 to the right, town centre and bike race.

                                                                            Don't know.

                                                                       What it's alll about.

                                                              So!  How was it for you?

                  Great group. Played rock, sang english lyrics, spoke french, surreal.

Back to Archie for lunch then walked up the road to the right of the Ville to the Altiport Henri Geraud and took the cablecar up to the next level for some more views.

                           And half way up I met a mountain biker coming down.

                             ( and received a severe...... oops, wrong story.)

                                   Not much snow at this level but still nice.

                                       And this is what you get when it does snow.

                                                            Back down!

                                         Went home and had supper. In all a very nice day, 

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