Polly & Micks G.D.O. 2011 

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                       Tues. 14th June.

 Another nice quiet night.The recycling van arrived at 7-0 but usually up for a cuppa by then.Go back afterwards though.Moved on after breakfast towards Montauban on the D2 and stopped at the Bastide of  Lauzerte.Listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France. Car park and Aire at bottom of town,very long climb up through village to top but well worth the effort.Not an Aire that I would want to stay at.Lots of roads all around.

This is in the building behind Archie in the picture above.Better than nothing I suppose.

As you wander up through the Ville  several metal signs are noticeable. All by one man Sylvain Solignon.

Also you can wander through The Pilgrims Garden which incorporates a game,each step numbered by these signs.

                                                           More arches.

                                                           I also like roofs

                                                            And arches.

                                                    Not one of the locals

Although classified as a village Lauzerte is quite a large town, not many shops but a lot of interesting streets.  An artist could stay here for a month and still find plenty of inspiration. A really beautiful place but also very quiet when we were there.

After a very enjoyable but tough walk around Lauzerte we left and miandered through some pretty narrow lanes to Puylaroque.Needing somewhere to stay and not finding an Aire in the Ville we drove through and down the hill the other side and found a park and picnic area along side a lake and stayed there.

                                                                                                                                           139 Kms.

   Dozens of these frogs that spend the evening croaking to each other. Doesn't disturb you though.Also several different sorts of dragonfly.

                                      A lovely spot,  well looked after and no flies.

                         Wed 15th June.

              Drove back up to Puylaroque and walked around the ville. Quite pretty but not like previous towns.

After a short wander we bought a baguette and went back to the lake, had lunch then journeyed on to Montraiteur where some friends of ours live. We arrived late afternoon and not sure of their whereabouts we stopped in the Aire on the approach to the Ville.

This picture shows the makeup of a typical Aire. Plenty of parking, but motorhomes only. The disposal and fresh water centre where sometimes you have to pay a couple of euros but most of the time, gratuit

So why can't Britain do this. We've got the empty car parks at night. A small charge and disposal points are all thats needed.

                                                                                  For some reason didn't check mileage.

                    Thurs. 16th June

Went and found our friends and went straight out with them to visit some ancient villages. Didn't clock any of the names.

                                                Onwards and upwards.

                                                Good view from the top.

                      Another thing about France. Not even the doors are boring. I don't think there are two the same.

     One of the places we visited.                                          http://www.francethisway.com/places/bruniquel.php

             Fri. 17th- Thurs 23rd June

Other than the afternoon out, spent reasonably quiet time with our friends eating and drinking to excess.Nice relaxing week.

                                                    Think the cat enjoyed it as well.

 Left mid morning and started heading for the Med.

Our destination on the Med is Port St. Louis, West of Marseille