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After our visit we had lunch, then filled with fresh water and dumped the grey and black stuff, and drove out of the hills along another very narrow but pretty road and made our way to Rocamadour, which is supposed to be the second most visited place in France after Mont St. Michel.  Now there is a place worth visiting. We arrived at Hospitalet which is just outside Rocamadour but is associated with it, early evening and found a nice grassy car park at the back of town. One other van there and a very quiet night.

                                                                                                                                          110 Kms.

                           Fri. 10th June

In the  morning made our way to a car park that we knew of from previous visit. It's below the town, just drive past the top main entrance to Rocamadour follow the road down and turn right at the bottom.

 From here you can go left which takes you to the bottom of the high street or right and up some steps to the centre of the high street

Although very old and well worth a visit most of the buildings in the main high street ( first level) are shops selling touristy stuff.

The high street is closed to traffic except locals and people staying at the hotels so if you find walking tricky or just like a ride, the Tourist Train ( You will find these in a lot of touristy towns in France) takes you around the town, not sure if it goes up to higher levels but there is an Ascenseur to take you up there if you wish. For the more physical, you can do a penitance and go up on your hands and knees up the long flight of steps.

This is the bottom end of the high street you come through the arch from the car park we used. Although we used the bottom car park, which is best for motorhomes there are other lager ones on the approach to town where the Tourist Train goes from.

Before we had a motorhome we used to holiday in a car and stay at Best Western hotels. This is the one we used last time we were here, and we had that balcony.

When visiting Rocamadour a must is to stay overnight and park on one of the approach roads on the opposite side of the valley, late evening when the lights are on.  MAGICAL.

We didn't stay very long at Rocamadour, we've been before so didn't go up to the other levels, so after a quick wander we drove away on the lower road through Gourdon and on to the D25 to Cadouin where we stopped for the night. 

                                                                                                                                   143 Kms.

                         Nice parking area on the way out of town. No services though.

                          Sat.  11th June

                                                 Visitor on my windscreen.

 Went for a wander around the village, quite pretty, bought a loaf, you can always buy bread in France in the smallest of villes.

           Stayed just over an hour then drove for another 7 Kms. to St. Avit Senieur A former place of pilgrimage

                                A very small Ville but with this huge Abbey, a lot of which has gone.

                              We then drove to Beaumont the first of several Bastides that we visited in the area,  where we had a slightly disturbed night.

                                               On our way into Beaumont. 

The town had such a succesful festival last year they decided to continue with it. We had to go round the back streets to get past and on the road on the edge of the ville was a large car park where we decided to stay. It was very quiet for a while then the wedding party arrived for the reception in the hall at the edge of the park. No problem, lots of children so would be finished by eleven, midnight at the latest.   2-30 a.m. we decided enough was enough and moved to the supermarche car park at the other end of town.

                                                                                                                                           20 kms.

                         Sun. 12th June.

 After doing some shopping at the Supermarche we journeyed on to Montpazier,  which is also a Bastide. Fortified 'new towns' built in the thirteenth  century to colonize some wilderness areas of France.Anyway that's what Wiki says. Rather than have walls around them like old cities the houses are built with their backs facing outwards and joined together,

All built on a similar design.Large square in the middle with lots of arches everywhere. That's arches not Archies. There's only one Archie. On the day we were there,it was market day  and an antiques fair or Brocante or whatever they call it. Lots of stuff, anyway.

                                         Don't tell anybody about this one!

         Considered to be the best of all the Bastides   All round, a very pretty Ville. Of which there are a lot in France.

On again  then stopped for lunch, then to Villefranche-du-Perigord where we found a nice Aire to stop for the night.    Gratuit of course.

                                                                                                                                         48 Kms.

                        Mon. 13th June.

Another of the Bastides. If you are interested in these sort of places then a very good area to stay for a holiday.

                                 Villefranche-du-Perigord is the arrow.

                                                      Now, there's a business opening.

                                              Everywhere you look,  nice.

                                       Moving again. To Fumel, had lunch and on to Tournon-de-Agenais

                                                                                                                                           69 Kms.

                              The Aire where we stayed the night. On approach road to Ville, in the background

Perched on the top of a rock, plenty of parking at the bottom but limited at the top, especially for Archie. luckily found a spot just outside the gate.

                                                      Lots more arches.

                                         View from  Tournon-de-Argenais.

       French info for Tournon.                                                   http://www.tournondagenais.com/vietournon.html

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