Polly & Micks G.D.O. 2011

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    Went from Millau towards Roquefort and stayed in a picnic area just outside the town. 

                                                                                                                                     270 Kms.

                        Mon. 6th June

                                               41st wedding anniversary, and a nice day to boot.

                                One of the Roquefort factories below where we parked.

                                                                    One of the residents.

Going to Roquefort to see the big cheese. Actually thousands of big cheese's. A couple of miles up the road from where we stayed overnight is the parking and info area for the town. You park and walk from here.There just isn't anywhere to park in town so don't bother trying. It's about twenty minutes crawl to the Roquefort Societe caves, which are supposed to be the biggest and the best. You do have to pay to go in these where as all the others are gratuit. It's a guided tour and ours didn't start till after lunch so found a restuarant and had a meal. Sort of cheese on toast with nuts and cheese salad, certainly different. After this joined the tour around the caves where there are thousands of cheeses stacked on racks, also saw a film  showing the milking of the sheep on a rotary milk parlour with a lot being milked all the time and  where  one finished  it walked off and another walked on.also the making of the cheese and introduction of the different maturing agents (can't think of proper name) which give the different flavours to the cheese.Some nice, some not so.After this we had a light show on the walls of the caves showing some history of the caves with a lot of chat from our guide, all in French so didn't understand a word, but when in France and all that

                                    Free Car park at Roquefort Info Centre.  Maps etc. available inside

                                                    View from the front of Roquefort Societe caves. 

      Wall advertizing like this is big in France and you will see some pretty impressive paintings on walls all over.

After a nice day at Roquefort we drove on towards Albi  then turned right to Requista on the Rodez road through a very pretty valley. Quite a long  very narrow single tack road but luckily didn't meet a single vehicle. As soon as we stopped however it got quite busy, but quiet at night. At some point I am going to introduce some more maps to show our journey a little better.

                                                                                                                                         60 Kms.

                        Tues. 7th June

Rained all night but brightened up in the morning. The road improved after this point, we turned on to another road and continued to Rodez to try and find a Laverie Found two in the middle of town but couldn't park so gave up on that and went on towards Figeac but a very busy road so turned off at Aubin and went to Montbazens where we stopped in a community centre car park alongside main road.Well used centre something on all evening but large car park so not disturbed at all. More rain at night.

                                                                                                                                           140 Kms.

Laverie.= Launderette.

                                                      Montbazens Community Centre Car park.

                         Wed. 8th June

Onwards to Villefranche-de-Rouergue, need an Aire to empty the loo. No joy. However nice large car park on edge of town with a Laverie to do the laundry.100 yds away. Perfick.

                                                           How to do it.

Did the washing, then after lunch walked into town which was quite large with lots of  Alleyways of a thousand Artisans.

Headed towards Figeac on  D 922 then off into uncharted territory to find an Aire that a local told us about. Found it, watered up and dumped then headed for a place we saw signposted. After several Kms. of very narrow roads we arrived at what was to be an amazing but unkempt lost city at the back of a pretty hilltop ville called  Peyrusse-le Roc.

                                                                                                                                     70 Kms.

This Aire which is Gratuit, is typical of all the Aires across France in that they always seem to choose the best place in town to site you. The sign to look for  when finding Aires is the one to the left of this picture. The Sign of the Peeing Motorhome.

                      Thurs. 9th June

Very quiet night until the bells at 7-00. Polly made a cake then another camper pulled in.Weather quite bright. Walked up to the village

                                             Turn left at the restaurant and go through arch,

                                  Tourist info on your right but only open for couple hours in the morning.

Follow the footpath signs  for very interesting but very steep walk. If you catch the info centre you will prabably get a lot of help of the best way to go, we didn't so just followed our noses.Go down the slope and you come face to face with the remains of the Chateau.

                                                       How 'twer done!

                                                     One of the locals

                                        The Beffroi..... So, how should I know.

                                                                       Tomb of King Roi?

                                                       Back in the Ville.

                                                 Another one of the locals.

                Above, interesting translated website with more pics (not mine) and info of the area.