Polly & Micks G.D.O. 2011

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                          Wed. 3rd. Aug.

                      Off we go towards Loire, stopped at les-Essarts for lunch. Nice church and crypt.

                                   Nice Crypt, but not where the cat crept.

After lunch Drove on,past Herbiers and stopped on top of hill by some windmills and church for a tour of the mill and church.

Although the windmill was turning, it was by electric motor because there are too many trees around so no wind and people like to see it working. A very interesting tour though.After that we went a bit further and stopped by some wind turbines for the night.  Which I happen to like. So there.

In a field just to the right were a herd of cows and when the sun was to the left the cows were using the shadow of the turbine for shade. Scary noisy things turbines. Not heard a noisy one yet.

                       Thurs. 4th. Aug.

 After wandering up past the turbines and saying hello to the cows we continued on our way.Turned left at Cholet to Clisson, then just before the Loire at Nantes turned  right onto the D751 which follows the river towards Saumur and almost immediately pulled off onto the river bank through a gap in the wall and stayed there for the night.

                     A gravel tip or something just down a bit. Only boat we saw.

                             Fri. 5th. Aug.

Followed the river, then over a bridge to Ancenis for lunch and a wander.The fact that it is on the side of the Loire makes it worth as visit. Nothing really outstanding though except perhaps the church windows.

Quite pretty but there seemed to be a load of flats about to be built there, not sure if this bit was staying. 

Noticed an Aire on the way in to Ancenis just before we went over the bridge in small ville called Lire' so went back to it and stayed the night. Thought the couple we invited for cuppa were going to stay as well.Contacted by Vicky so arranged to meet up again at Saumur.

                            Sat. 6th. Aug.

On along the D751 to Saumur  to meet Vicky and Steve. the Aire is a huge ex. campsite which is for campervans to park on free of charge (Gratuit) and is situated at Dampiere-sur-Loire which is just on past Saumur along the river for about 5 kms. on the left handside of the road. It is supplied by the local authority to stop campers clogging up the spaces around town. Must be used, or else.

The picture above only shows part of the site, it's quite huge really. Most evenings, in the season I assume, a man and van comes around early evening to take orders for bread and that sort of stuff to be delivered next day and Wednesday and Saturday evenings there is a chance to buy local wines in a building vacated by the campsite. It was very busy while we were there but not at all noisy.To sum up  the joy of motorhoming the van that is just to the left and above Steves head had two adults, four children and two dogs and they stayed the night.We stayed till Tuesday for nice few days together,did some shopping in the Regmomil and we've all been around Saumur before. Again a very nice place and if you are into horses  The Cadre-Noir, the french school of equitation is just out of town and also the top floor of the Saumur Chateau has a museum of horses and the equipment used.Some of it a bit scary.



                         Tues. 9th. Aug.

 Left Saumur towards Chinon then through Azay-le-Rieau to Pont-du-Ruan where we stopped for a picnic lunch on an island, then wandered around the Ville.

Still following  D751 around Tours.on to and around Blois and stopped on river bank opposite Blois.

                                                And as the sun went down.

                         Wed 10th. Aug.

                                                         Busy road but OK. Wall to wall sunshine

If you get to Blois you are a stones throw from Chambord which is, if you don't know it, an amazing place that you must not miss.

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