Polly and Micks G.D.O. 2011 

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                          Sun. 3rd July.

                                          Alpe D'Huez

Went for another walk. Starts the same up the track past the clay pigeons to the base of the archeology site turn left along track and follow your nose.

       When you reach this sign this is the best way up to archeology site but we've done that so go straight on.

                                           Nice walk. Now back to base

                                                 Too soon for ski-ing?

                                   Had lunch and wandered back into town and visited the church

                                         Part of the windows from the inside

                                                  Like I said, very modern.

 Germany calling!  Heard from our friends that the new blinds have been made and we are going back to get them fitted. Drive steady, get there when we arrive.

                           Mon. 4th July

Left Alpe D'Huez and headed towards Grenoble, turned right just outside town and on to D 523 to Domene,Froges, Albertvile and right at Ugine on to Chamonix road. (Went to Chamonix a few years ago, not in the snow season and stayed in the car park under the Cable car that takes you up to Aigille de Midi to view Mont Blanc, which we did.

Cost a few bob but worth every penny.)

http://www.chamonix.net/english/sightseeing/aiguille_du_midi.htm     Link to Aigille de Midi

Through valley and hills to Fumet then left up narrow twisty road that was tight for us but met a huge coach at the top coming down. Don't know how he got on.At the top was the Col des Aravis which is 1498 mtrs. Not quite the buzz of D'Huez because once you are up there you are on a large plateau with no views except Mont Blanc, which is quite impressive of course.
                                                                                                                                          206 Kms.

                  Of the buildings that are there, they are all shops selling souveniers

                                         and a lot of cow hides cut to shape.

                                                  Archie taking a rest.

                        Tues. 5th July.

  Heading on. If the road up is twisty on a mountain then usually the one down is fairly straight, as was this one. Heading  towards Germany through Annecy, Bellegarde-sur-Valserine past Geneve then up and up and up into the Haut Jura to Mijoux.  Stayed there in 07, busier this time though.While we were here this time two cyclists came in and set up camp. They were not not young lads by any means and looked pretty pooped and what made it worse was they couldn't get any water to drink from the aire services. it needed a token which you get from the local shops but this was in the evening and the shops were a couple of miles away anyway. So we gave them a bottle of ours which was appreciated.

                                                                                                                                        176 Kms.

                       Weds. 6th July

Cold and grey, not a nice day. Went to Champagnole then on to the road we originally drove down on, the 471 and 437 to Montbelliard and on to motorway to go into Germany, not going to mess about in towns this time. Part of it was Peage but only 4 Euro and well worth it not to have any bother. Off the motorway at Mullheim just below Freiburg and took a small road (didn't realise how small it was going to get. Expected to end up in a farmyard.) Up and up through Badenweiler till we arrived here. Where we stayed the night.

                                                                                                                                             319 Kms.

                                                              More nice views.

                       Thurs. 7th July

Down the hill on the other side into picture above and after a couple miles the road improved. at bthe bottom we met a large lorry which definitely was on the wrong road. Think he had relized that and was about to turn round.We then turned left onto a much better road nr. Schonau onto Titisee, right onto 31 through Tuttlingen to Worndorf, turned left for Bucheim and through very pretty hills and valley to Beuron where we stayed the night. Just after arrival we had the most amazing thunderstorm with hailstones as big as marbles.

                                                                                                                                         145 Kms.

 Really thought they would come through the roof light. Quite scary for a while. After the hail stopped the thunder storm came and went through the hills all night.

                               Fri. 8th July

 The original bridge over the river.Just left of 1 above pic.  Inside are posters telling you all about it and a list of tarriffs.

                                      Havn't found who he is yet. Will keep trying.

Wandered around the parking area  then jumped aboard The Orient Express ( Archie) and moved on.Turn left out of carpark/aire over river and you are on the Tuttlingen/ Sigmaringen road.A very nice bendy road,with road,canal,river and rail all alongside each other. Nice. Drove along part of it earlier in the tour but this time we got some pictures.

            Some pretty stations along the way but most of them are houses even though the line is still busy.

                                                This one caught our eye. In-zig- Kofen

As I have mentioned before this area is very picturesque and the Naturepark Express covers a large part of it.For more info go to:-  

Or type in  Beuron  or Sigmaringen on your search engine and there is lots of info.

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