Polly & Micks G.D.O. 2011 

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                            Fri. 19th Aug.

 Still feeling grot so sat around in the morning, had lunch and went for a walk down the lane towards the hills. Bit further than they looked so turned around and walked back.

                                      Saw a bit of wildlife, not much else.

                                                  Sums up the day, really.

                           Sat.20th Aug.

Polly's Birthday. Happy birthday to you.Happy birthday to you. A nice day out, starting with Flavigny-sur-Ozerain.A beautiful hilltop town,where the film Chocolat was made. Didn't know that at the time though. Also not far from Semur-e-A. 

   More Info.                        http://www.france-voyage.com/towns/flavigny-sur-ozerain-4522.htm

Didn't stay as long as we should have done really but wanted to go to a Chateau nearby with the cooky name of  De-Bussy-Rabutin. Reminds me of a lot of women stood up talking.

                                           Kitchen needs a bit of attention.

                                          Gardener gets a bit of attention.

                                      Now that's what you call a pigeon loft!

And so we say a fond farewell to Chateau-de-Bussy-Rabutin. One bonus with this place if you have a blue card, two of you get in free. This is more prevalent in Italy than in France though.

 Drove back to Semur, and went into town in the evening for a nice birthday supper.

                         Sun. 21st. Aug.

 We drove just a few Kms. to a canal we saw on a previous foray at Pouillenay. We parked on the side of the canal and sat out in the nice weather and enjoyed the ambience.

                                                      There's always one of these about. Lovely

                                                        After lunch went for a walk along the canal.

                              Nice quiet easy going day, then back to Semur to think about heading North.