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What to say about Chambord. I love the place. It's awesome, magnificient. you can feel it's power. Can't really say enough about it. Just go there and you will see what I mean. While there you can not only visit the Chateau, but in the grounds there is an enclosed arena that you have to pay for entry but twice a day there is a display of horsemanship put on by riders from the Cadre Noir At Saumur. Well worth a visit. When not performing some of them ride around the grounds in dress from the grand days of Chambord. Also your stay is not complete without a night visit when the Chateau has a light show and you can hear the ghosts of the past moving about the place.


    We show people this picture and tell them this is our home in France. Which it is.

We parked up the drive from the house. Didn,t go into the carpark.  Had some lunch and went for a tramp in the woods. He wasn't too happy about it. Stayed about two hours and then travelled on.

More info:-                                                                    http://www.chambord.org/

 We headed generally East, below Orleans, didn't have a very good map for the small roads we were driving on, so a bit iffy but ended up a couple of Kms.below where we should have been at a pretty, very tidy Ville called Vernou-en-Sologne.

While parking up for the night the Mayor of the Ville came and welcomed us and supplied us with a couple of tokens to get water from the services in the foreground of this photo.The tokens cost 2 euros each, only one needed to get a lot of water. Not many Aires charge for water. Your Aire book will tell you which ones do.

                        Thurs. 11th. Aug.

 Decided to stay for 24 hours as it looked like a nice place.Nothing out of the ordinary but worth a wander.

                 The high street. Nothing remarkable. Just a nice atmosphere.

 Had a nice day wandering around. Everybody friendly as everywhere in France.Sadly the end of the day was spoilt by an Italian camper with five people in, parking as close to us as possible then having a very noisy evening.For some reason some campers like to be close to others. last year we parked on a very long empty beach and somebody parked so close we could have shaken hands.That was in Italy.

                            Fri. 12th. Aug.

Raining. Neighbours still there. Dodgy tummy. Not a good start to the day. Drove on through forestry countryside. A lot of forest in France. Lot of everything in France. Got a bit mixed up with the roads at Beaulieu on side of Loire, crossed the bridge instead of staying on the  West side of the river. Sorted ourselves at Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire and went on to Donzy.

                                              Stayed the night in the cemetary carpark. very quiet.

                           Sat. 13th. Aug.

Went for wander around the Ville. Found the Toureist Info on the way in and acquired a new  Carte Touristique for the area.Very good for small local roads in 40 Km. area.

                                               Nice church, as always.

Just below where we were parked was the Ville of Donzy-le-Pre where there was an old church.Quite derelict but photogenic.

Drove on to Clamecy where there was supposed to be an Aire. The water was turned off on the services and the Aire was closed because of a water festival that was on Sunday morning. Managed to empty the loo and wash it down with the grey water then parked on the side of the river next to where the festival was.

                                                     Got a bit busy, though.

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