Polly & Micks G.D.O. 2011

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                         Sun. 24th July

Had a wander around the village. Not too impressed so had lunch and drove on to Loche. We found the Camper service just out of town by the Piscine but found out later that it wasn't an overnight stop.we were told that we could park in any of the in town car parks. The bays however didn't fit Archie.There is one area in town that we parked at a later date but was full at the moment. So we drove out of town and found a car park in a small village called Azay-sur-Indre

                        Mon. 25th July.

Although on a back road the Ville was quite busy in the morning with traffic. This was not an Aire but there was a tap for fresh water in the building on the left. Corner post visible.We didn't stay but the area is popular with walkers and there are maps of walks there. Went back ito Loche to the Camper service to dispose of waste water etc.then into town and followed signs for chateau and a large car park is on side of main road for visitors of the castle and chateau.You then have to walk a couple hundred yards to the entrance of a walled Cite.The only entrance fee  is for the chateau and this you pay further up.The cite is an artists paradise and you could spend a lot of time making pictures here.

                    Thought you might like to know that.  Notice at entrance to Cite.

                                                         The Chateau.

                      More photo's to come. Will return in few days with our daughter.

Don't know who worked out the Campingcars parking but to have it in the middle of town and the services in a large car park on the edge of town which would be much more suitable for overnight parking anyway is strange to say the least.The only thing I can think is that there is a camp site at the out of town carpark and the owners stopped it.

There is a camper park in town but no services. To get to this drive into the railway station, turn left and go to the no entry sign  and it's on your left. It is next to the railway line but not that busy.

                       Tues. 26th July

 Walked into town. Couple of minutes.Very nice place. Lots of shops, old buildings and the Cite just above.Walking distance from town centre.

                                      The way into town from the station.

                                                             The Tour Saint Antoine

                       They're here as well. This one takes you around the Cite.

                                   From the river walk back to campersite.

 After lunch headed for Montresor but on the way came across an interesting place called la Chartreuse du Liget. A ruined 12th century chapel and an 18th century chateau.

The chapel was a ruin because after the revolution people used to go around France buying religious places then knocking them down and selling the stone.

On to Montresor. Large Aire on ring road above town, where we stayed the night.

                                                 As always, nice neighbours

                          Night view of the Chateau.Didn't visit it but will return one day, it looks interesting.

                        Wed. 27th. July

 A beautiful day. Vicky called and we arranged to meet her back at Loche later on. Wandered into Montresor. Not far. Quite a pretty town. Worth a visit.There's a lot of those in France.

                                            The entrance to the chateau.

After lunch drove back to Loche, did some shopping and parked in the campervan park alongside the rail line and waited for Vicky and Steve in their Regmobil.

                                      All of us out for a meal and back for coffee. A very nice day.

                     Thurs. 28th July 

                               Went into town with Vicky and Steve and had another look around.

                                                        View from Cite.

                                      Now that's what you call a stained window.

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