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 Followed this road as far as Sigmaringen,Then through Bad Saulgau to Steinhausen where there is one of the most beautiful churches in Germany where we stopped also  in 2007 and got some nice pics, which when I can find I shall put on here as the battery died this time and I only got this.

A little info :-                                                              http://www.kg-steinhausen.de/seiten/english.htm

Had some lunch then continued to Oberessendorf to have the new blinds fitted. Hope Archie appreciates all this money being spent on him. Looks pretty good though.

                 Sat. 9th-Mon. 11th July

                      Quiet weekend other than blinds being fitted. Archie looks nice and tidy again.

                        Tues. 12th July.

Left our friends and headed back along the same road as we came in on, towads Freiburg with intention of crossing border into Colmar but missed our turning somewhere,( we don't have  Sat-Nav, don't want Sat-Nav come to that). Just after Freiburg ended up on the Mullheim road and crossed on a back road to Mullhouse then on to Than and halfway up the Grand Ballon, again. Really do like this area. Stayed in same layby as before.Just after arriving hit by huge thunderstorm that went on into the night.

                         Wed. 13th July.

Drove up over Ballon, same view as last time. Through Belfort towards Bessancon and stopped at Baume les Dames. Aire was over the bridge, signposted, but absolutely packed with about 50 vans so drove back across the bridge, sharp left to other side of river and had a free park with other vans on the river bank.

                                       That's the bridge in the background.

                       Thurs. 14th July

 Lots of fireworks last night. found out it's Bastille day today. Bright morning. Shop on the end of the lane so got some bits and bobs.Drove on past Bessancon and Dole. The scenery here was a bit naf,f flat countryside but after Beaune it got better and we went through hills and a wine region.Pretty villages but didn't stop because we were aiming for Autun but when we got there it was packed for a Bastille Day firework display on the side of the lake so drove a bit further into the morvan Hills and stopped in a nice deep layby.

                            Fri. 15th July

Distance driven to date 7637 Kms. On towards Bourges and stopped for a cuppa and wander at les Guerche-sur-l'Auboise.Pretty but not worth overnight In the Tourist info found out about an aire at Sancoins 12 Kms. down the road.

                                           On the car park at  l'Auboise.

Nice short drive to Sancoins and after a drive around the ville found the aire on the side of a canal.

             Sat. 16th & Sun. 17th July.

Decided to stay for weekend. Nice aire, a lot of vans but most left on Saturday. Big town but fairly ordinary. The church as usual was pretty impressive.

Went for a walk along the canal which continues on down past where the vans are parked. You can go down one side over a bridge and back up the other side.

On the side coming back down somebody has built a sort of outside gym. with different sort of exercises and instructions on how to do them.

                          A very nice relaxed weekend and interesting to see so many different motorhomes.

                                         Some more different than others.

                        Mon. 18th. July

 Left Sancoins on 951 to St- Armand Montrand then to Meillant where we had lunch then visited the chateau which is a guided tour around the house but after you can wander the grounds on your own and there are a lot of interesting bits in the out buildings as well.

When you walk around the bhack of the chateau you come to this courtyard and on the opposite side to this are some old stables with cars and carriages.

                   In other parts of the buildings. 'untin' shootin' and probably  no fishin'

                               Think this was the mother in law annex.

                                        Is this why they call it a deep freeze

                                      This was the childrens dolls house

                   And inside another building was a large collection of models

 The grounds were in need of a tidy and the guided tour was a bit short which seems to be the norm but other than that quite a nice visit.From there we drove to Dun-sur-Auron and parked in the aire outside the castle.

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