Polly & Micks G.D.O. 2011  

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                       Tues. 19th. July

 Rain, more rain, then more rain, Then it rained. Drove up the road to the supermarche and did some shopping, came back, more rain so filled up the water tank etc. and left.Went to Bourges but the parking didn't suit, nuff said.Went on to Valencay where we stopped in a car park. Not a very good day. Not a very good night.

                   Weds. 20th. July

 Moved on again, didn't like the parking in middle of town.Turned left off Blois road not really knowing where we were heading.(Have found lots of times that if you just take any road you are usually delighted with what you find.)As was this case, St Aignan, beautiful place on the river Cher. The Aire is on the main bridge going away from the ville,next to the Piscine .Had our lunch and then walked around the town.

Piscine.= Swimming pool.

                The church as always, impressive. Just as we left a funeral came in.

     The chateau was pretty impressive as well but a private residence so no visiting.

         A lot of small shopkeepers in France take a pride in their window displays 

     The day was not a bright one. And after that it started raining so back to the van drove a couple Kms. to Noyers-sur-Cher. Pulled into a layby at a roundabout on approach to the Ville which we assumed was an Aire and stayed the night. Found out later the aire is a couple hundred yards away alongside the canal.

                                Another thing the French do is to make their  

                           roundabouts different. This is next to where we stayed.

While there met  nice,chatty French family, which most French people seem to be.

                      Thurs. 21st July

 Had a drive around the area looking for places to stop and visit. Ended up at Cheverney. Much better presented than Meillant tidy gardens, not whooshed around by guides and price of entry the same 7.50 Euros which seems to be the going price for most places and free for Blue Card carriers which we are. Not all places do the free entry especially in France but in Italy it is more the norm.

Where the Lord and Lady dine. The rest of the house is public. So's this come to that.

                          Gets you from the drawing room to the bedchamber.

   In case you think we've suddenly sprouted trees, this is the back or front depending on which way you came in.

A very nice day out. We then drove around to different villes looking for Aires that were marked on a tourist map we had of the area but couldn't locate them and the locals didn'ty seem to know either. One bloke however was quit sure he knew what we were looking for and jumped in his car and said follow me.Which we did for about 5 or 6 miles and he took us to the aire that was a couple of hundred yards from the one we stayed at last night. This is not the first time a French person has gone out of their way to help us like this. They are very obliging and  mainly very nice people.

  This is the proper Aire at Noyers but this one needed a token which you get from one of the local shops. If you have the Campingcar book  (Below) then you are usually told in there where to get them, otherwise it can be tricky.


                           The roundabout we stayed at is a couple hundred yards down the lane behind us.

                           Fri. 22nd July

 More rain during the night. Drove to Montrichard and found parking on the Banks of The Cher close to bridge that takes you across the river into town.

                                                                   One of the residents.

                               With the night comes a whole different scene.

                         Sat. 23rd. July.

                                                    Walked into town.

                                           That's where we are parked

                                                      Not my idea of fun.

Back to the van,  had lunch, drove through Chenonceau.Didn't stop, it was heaving. Through Blere, towards Tours on D976 then off left to Athee-sur-Cher. A small Aire for three camping cars.Would appear that I don't have a pic for this so will move on.

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