Polly & Micks G.D.O. 2011

                          Page Thirteen

Back to Archie for lunch  then Vicky and Steve went South we went West, to Richelieu. Stayed the night in camper parking area next to Richelieu Park where Cardinal Richelieus Chateau used to be.The camper services are just up the road outside a camp site.

                                                 Outside Richelieu Park.

                            Fri. 29th. July

 Walked into town. Only couple hundred yards.Very nice. It was market day and bought some cheese.If realized how expensive it was might not have done, but it was very tasty. Visited the church on edge of market place, looks a bit rough on the outside but pretty impressive inside.

            Statue of Cardinal Richelieu. Between the Ville  and the park entrance.

 As well as the Ville being nice the park is well worth visiting. Although the Chateau has disappeared except the moat and footings  due to the obvious dislike of Cardinal Richelieu by some people there are still some impressive buildings

which give you a good idea of the grandeur of the place.

                                   What the chateau looked like in it's heyday. 

                                               and what it looks like now

               More Info                                                     http://www.ville-richelieu.fr/

What must be the most played sport in France. Petanque or Boule. Not sure which is which.

We then drove a few Kms.to Champigny-sur-Veude and stayed in a car park in middle of town but quiet and next to a lake.

                                                          Night, night.      Not what it seems.

                          Sat. 30th. July

                                                There's one in every port.

 Didn't stop to visit Chappelle or chateau  don't pay to visit churches.Drove into Chinon to find a Laverie, no joy so didn't stop been here before. On to Thouars. Huge car park in the centre of town. Off the bottom right hand corner is Tourist info. The Laverie is where the little bit of orange is, just above middle.The Aire is to the other end of carpark,turn right then right again , below the ramparts, next to La Tour du Prince de Galles. It Is Signposted from car park.

                                   The Aire at  La Tour du Prince de Galles

 After lunch went for walk around part of the town.Started with a tour of  La Tour. Very interesting.. It was a prison somewhere in its history run by the English. In the attic were some small cells, like crates that held up to 20 prisoners at a time.One, a woman escaped on to the roof of the Tour but was caught and thrown off. A picture of a goat carved into the wall was the prisoners image of the English.

La Tour = The Tower.

                            They do say 'tis  'aunted.

                                                 Underneath the arches.

                                                         Night, night.

                          Mon. 1st. Aug.

Left Thouars and headed towards West coast.Stopped for night in Aire at Laroche-sur-Yon. Van next door had screaming kid but they didn't seem to like the place and moved on.

                       Tues. 2nd. Aug.

 Drove on to coast but after driving several Kms. realized that campervans were not encouraged so turned back inland and headed for the Loire.After a while found a nice deep layby with trees between us and the road and stayed there the night.

 Used to be the road but now just a layby with entrance to farm. Nice and quiet.

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