Polly & Micks 

                  Shorter Grand Tour. 


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 Sadly because Polly is more unstable on her legs from her op. we have had to move out of Archie and into a bungalow, so no more living in a Motorhome. Oh woh. This also comes with a financial Whammy in that living in a bungalow is somewhat more expensive than living in a motorhome, believe me. The idea is to sell Archie and get a smaller van with a fixed bed on the floor. Archie has two double beds but you have to go up steps to bed which is tricky for Polly. Now because we are  living in a bungalow it's not so easy to just jump on the ferry and stay in Europe for four months, hence the title of our latest jaunt. We are doing three weeks instead of Four months. Have to have lots of short jaunts instead. One thing, am not giving it up and with a smaller van it wont matter if DVLA decide they want my 7.5 licence again.  So, lets's get started.

                       Speedo reading at start of journey...161758 Kms.

                Monday 4th August 

Although not booked on the ferry till Tuesday night, Polly had a hospital appointment this afternoon at Newhall so no sense coming home again and after that we travelled  on and stopped roadside for the night. We drove a lot further than anticipated across country rather than motorway and finally found a stop at a laybye somewhere between Heathfield and Hawkhurst in Sussex. Thought I had taken a pic. but can't find it.

                                         Somewhere on this bit of road. 

               Tuesday 5th August. 

 From here we travelled on to The Battle of Britain site which is just above Dover, (where we sail from) and is a nice place to stop, wander around and have a snack. Nice big free carpark, which was a bit restricted because they are building a new museum and info area. We arrived at 11-30 AM  so had plenty of time to rest and wander.


                  He sits in the middle of the propeller above. 

          While we were sat on the grass enjoying the view this 

    person came and had a look at us and other things I suspect. 

 Left at 4.30 and went down to Tescos to fill up with diesel( I know it's cheaper in France but I like to hit the ground running when I arrive in France and gobble up a few Kms.) and then drove out of town and had dinner and watched telly for an hour or two then drove down to the ferry at 21-30 in the hope of getting an earlier one. we were booked for 2-00 in the morning. Got on the 22-00 at no extra charge, sailed across to Dunkirk and drove to Bergues which is about 14 Kms from the port and is a large free camper park, has no services but a useful stop point in or out of France. Arrived approx 2-30 am 

                                          Total distance from home  Kms 438

Very much used but not at all noisy. The walled town alongside is well worth a visit. 

             Wednesday 6th August. 

Wet all night and after a bit of a lie in we hit the road. 

Anybody who follows our trips will know we use this road a  lot. We like to get into France as soon as poss. and knowing this road we know where the aires are so we can sort our blues and twos. Stopped at le-Cateau-Cambresis, which is the dot prior to Catillon on the map above to empty and then on to Catillon-sur-Sambre where we often stop for the night. Directions for these two aires are on our previous trip but are well marked and easily found anyway.

                                                                                 167 Kms

Maybe not the prettiest aire but off the main road and alongside the canal.Occasionally noisy from a nearby factory. 

                 Thursday 7th August 

 Continued on through Hirson and Charleville Mezieres, the second one we have stayed at before and is well worth a visit. Then on to Sedan where we headed for the Chateau-Fort for a stop and visit.

                                  Sedan Chateau-Fort carpark.


                      Through the arch and into the courtyard. 

While we were there a group of Roller enthusiasts  were doing a tour of the battlefields and were stopping here for the night.

                                This was the first one to arrive. 

                         During our visit  several more drove in. 

      Didn't get on with the neighbours 

                  We then went inside and crept past the gaurd.     

Around the Fort there were waxworks of different people going about their duties. 

Very nice place. Well worth a visit. Then went outside to see some more Rollers. 

In all about twenty came in. Hope they didnt have too many problems while driving around France. 

Went back to Archie had a cuppa then hit the road towards Metz  and finally stopped for the night on the D643 in a car park of a cemetery at Mercy le Bas.

                                                                                         205 Kms.