Polly & Micks G.D.O. 2011 

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                        Sun. 14th Aug.

The river carnival or whatever it's called. Years ago acres of small timber was floated down the river and was collected by men on rafts. I think this carni stems from that. But don't quote me.

                       The men were called Flottiers and the timber Flottage.

We watched the carni, in the morning then had some lunch and wandered around the old part of town. 

                               Unusual church but couldn't get in to see the inside.

                                                            A very enjoyable day had by all.

                        Mon. 15th. Aug.

 Did a bit of driving around to find somewhere nice to stay. Went to Corbigny and then Lormes which looked interesting but couldn't find a stop place so through Dun-les-Places to Montsauche-les-Settons where there are lakes but no Aires so stopped for cuppa then on through Salieu to a layby on side of road with main railway line between Lyon and Paris. Lots of trains but quiet ones so not too bad.   Total for the day.147 Kms.

                        Tues.16th. Aug.

 Drove 31 kms. to Semur-en-Auxois which looked interesting so headed out of town towards Signposted Gymnase where the Aire is. Also not far from a supermarche. Although a couple of miles out of the town there is plenty of roadside parking nearer if you are not up to walking too far. The Aire is large,Gratuit but very busy at this time of year. Decided to stay for a few days.

             Might be in France but you don't forget the important things. P.U.P.

                  Some neighbours are lovely, some you live with.

                        Wed. 17th. Aug.

Pompey win against Reading. Glory, glory. had a quiet day, still got a dodgy tum.

                        Thurs. 18th. Aug.

Although Alpe d' Huez is the most impresive of our tour with the magnificient scenery, Semur-en- Auxois has got to be the most photogenic. Old builings, sloping cobbled streets, river and bridges and views. Shops and restaurants. Something for everyone.

                                                                         Night, night.

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